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Skin Care: What Is the Secret?

Skin Care Tips for Summer

What is the secret of beautiful skin? Of course, good genes are the optimum precondition. But, there are a few tricky tricks that you can use in everyday life to make your skin shiny. There are a unique set of skin care challenges for every season of the year. During the summer months, the skin has to cope with increased heat, sun, air conditioning and outdoor pursuits like swimming. This article looks at several summer skin care tips that can help keep your skin in tip top condition whilst contending with these elements.

Six skin care tips for summer:

1. U.V protection

The most common tip you have probably heard again and again is to apply sunscreen when you are heading outdoors. Without the use of sun protection you could be causing damage to your skin that not only presents a health risk, but causes premature aging. Make sure you not only protect your face on a daily basis, but the other areas you are exposing. For example; your hands, neck and chest. It is also beneficial to wear a lip product that offers U.V protection.

2. Moisturize

If your skin feels oily during summer it can be tempting to skip moisturizing. However, even if you suffer from breakouts, your skin is still likely to become dehydrated in areas due to the drying effects of wind, sun and air conditioning. You can ditch your winter weight thick creams, but invest in a lightweight moisturizer that is suited to your skin type. The right moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and encourage optimum levels of oil production.

3. Hydration

It’s not just what you slather onto your skin that counts, but what you consume. Both sun exposure and air conditioning are very dehydrating. When the skin becomes dehydrated this can cause fine lines to appear on the skins surface. So make sure you keep hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Also limit your alcohol consumption because this can also cause dehydration.

4. Exfoliation

During the summer we tend to sweat more and this mingles with the skin cells we naturally shed. Therefore, many people suffer from breakouts because their pores become clogged. These are not only restricted to the face, but the chest, back, bottom and arm regions. By exfoliating the body with a gentle product at least once a week you can help keep your skin clear and smooth.

5. Use a moisturizing shaving cream.

In the summer months we generally expose more of our body by wearing summer dresses, shorts and swimwear. This means we frequently have more body hair to remove. Shaving every day or so can be drying and irritating on the skin. So make sure you use a moisturizing shaving cream to help keep your skin supple.

6. Create a handbag size summer care pack.

There are a few supplies that are very useful to carry with you during summer weather. A mini hydrating mist is ideal to spray your face with if you feel overheated or your skin feels tight. Lip balm is a must have whether your spending time indoors or outdoors. A sunscreen stick and small insect repellent are very useful for outdoor pursuits. If you are going to the beach make sure you have access to showers or take a big bottle of water with you. Sea water and sand can rough up the skin causing redness and itchiness. So after emerging from the water, make sure you rinse your body off with fresh water.

Remember that you also need to pay special attention to your hair care during the summer months. In addition, you might also like to pay extra special attention to your feet, because it’s likely they will be on display in sandals and flip flops.

About Author:

Matthew Evans wants to show people how beautiful and interesting our planet is. He is a business coach, Spin Palace Canada reviews writer and blogger. In addition, he fond of reading new information about psychology. He started to learn psychology and relationship problems when he was 18-years-old. 

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Skin Care: What Is the Secret?
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