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Skin Story

How I Cleared Up My Skin

Since I started my period, I have had pimples like any other person; they came and they went. I would use your typical acne creams and soaps and whatnots and they would keep my skin at bay. But there was a time that it didn't happen like that.

Moving away to a different country without the rule-makers is a lot of freedom. My first year at college, all I ate was fried chicken (oh my, how good it was), and all the other junk food that I could get. Like I have mentioned, transitioning was really, really, really hard for me, so whenever I felt anxious or sad I would eat food that was more grease than anything else. Also, my first year of college, I got some news that put me in a lot of stress for the first two years that I was there, and my skin felt it, and it felt it everywhere. I had acne AND acne scars on my face, my chest, and my back. I tried every acne cream and face wash there was out there and nothing helped.

The summer after sophomore year, I went back home and one day my father just stared at me and said, "Mi hija, you have to go to the dermatologist" (well, in Spanish). Sooo, I went to the dermatologist, got some studies done, and learned that the cause of my acne was a lot of stress (not the fried chicken that I oh, so adore). Enduring so much stress made my hormones go cuckoo, and my hormones going cuckoo made my skin go cuckoo. So I got some medicine to get my hormones to go back to normal, and some medicine for my acne. (Fun fact: if you have acne in more than just one place in your body it's better to treat it with pills and not with other products.)

After a few months, my skin cleared up, and to keep it like that, I have been meditating when I start feeling stressed (and drinking wine) and drinking more water. Also, I focus more on eating healthy (I still eat fried chicken when I want to, though), I don't use acne focused products (because I don't need to) and I don't use makeup on my face (but if I do, it is bb cream, bronzer, and blush), and I have been sucked into the mask world and I use at least three every week. I LOVE THEM.

Here are some products that I use.


  • Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Facial Wipes
  • Puristry Nopal Cactus Cleanser
  • Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant 
  • Thayers Witch Hazel
  • Bioderma Mat Control moisturizer or Hempz Daily Herbal Facial Moisturizer
  • SUNSCREEN (I use a Neutrogena one)
  • Plantioxidants cucumber & kale juice mask
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray


  • Nyakio Quinoa Eye Cream
  • Institut Esthederm Eyepatches

I hope this list helps you and that you enjoyed reading about my skinstory!