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Skincare Routine, Refined

An affordable skincare routine doesn't have to be hard. Let's refine it.

We all want the best skin right? And if you're like me, the first thought is "lets check how girls do it on Youtube." So i'm on Youtube, clicking from video to video, looking at all their beautiful fresh skin, and trying to purchase all the things they use. Exfoliate, mask, cleanser, an oil cleanser then a toner, a moisturizer, serums, and the list goes on. 

Okay... let's snap back to reality. I can't afford all that sh*t, and how do they have all that damn time every morning. I'm busy, and plus I'm lazy, so I knew this would never work! With my many nights of researching I realized skincare doesn't need to be this complex, and I want to share this with many people, who are struggling trying to create a skincare routine.

I spend about 10 minutes every morning doing my skincare routine, and I can confidently say my skin is happy and healthy, and my bank account isn't crying.

Before I get into the steps, I want to firstly say you need to find what works best for your skin type. I'm going to make this simple, so don't be over-searching, and over thinking, because you most likely will f*ck up like I did, haha. 

Finding a products may be hard but as long as you know what your skin type is, you'll be good. Let's keep it simple. For girls with dry/sensitive skin you want to find something creamier and gentle on the skin. I typically try to find something thats more organic, and less chemical based, as they strip all the natural oils your dry skin needs. For oily/combo skin you can only assume the opposite. You would want to find something more gel based, that can strip the excess oil, and not give you extra oil. So try finding products that have hyaluronic or glycolic acid (these help control your oils). 

Let me break it down to three easy steps. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize.


Pretty self explanatory. You wash your face!

I use a facial exfoliating silicon pad, with my cleanser, and let me tell you! IT IS THE BOMB! It takes away the extra processes of exfoliating, and plus it massages your skin, all while your cleansing your skin.

Usually after this my skin feels baby butt smooth.


Okay next is tone.

Toning is for removing remaining dirt you may have left behind, and restores your skin to its pH balance.

Typically I pour the product on a cotton pad, and swipe it all over my face, but there are now products out there that already have pads that are soaked in toners that can save you time.


Now that you have done those two steps the next is to moisturize.

I usually like using products that have some sort of SPF in them, because this helps from adding on another step to your skincare routine. But if you can't find a moisturizer that has SPF in it, put your Sunscreen on first, because you need to allow the sunscreen to absorb into your skin to do its thing.

So there you have it, easy! These steps are essential, and once you got that done you can gradually start adding things in like serums and treatments. But always remember the three steps! :)

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Skincare Routine, Refined
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