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Lorna Vause9 hours ago
I Tried GLAUX CHEM®'s Face and Body Oil for My Acne. Here's What Happened.
I am 30 years old, and ever since I was 12, I have struggled with acne. My skin has always been a mess, even during times when most people's’ skin seemed to calm down. When I started to get into my 20...
Henna Ali3 days ago
The 3 Things That Cured My Fungal Acne
Since my freshman year of high school, I have been dealing with some rough acne. I ate well, I drank TONS of water, but nothing seemed to cure the platter of whiteheads, blackheads, and bright red pim...
Destiny B10 days ago
The Double Edged Sword: Dry and Oily Skin
I know the struggle all too well. The bridge of my nose would be flaky at the same time pimples would be cropping up on my forehead from my forehead being too oily. Around I went in the vicious skinca...
Anna Rose17 days ago
Handle Frizzy Curls Without Heat
Picture the scene: A young woman sits on a park bench, her long straight hair glistening in the sun like a river of gold. Clouds appear in the sky, and she starts to cry. Unfortunately, the poor girl ...
Izzy Catera month ago
7 Makeup Products that Broke the Internet
I've heard of them. You've all heard of them. We've all heard of them. Let's take a look back at the viral products that the beauty community couldn't stop talking about!
GLAUX CHEM a month ago
Science-Backed Ways to Fight Oily Skin
Oily skin can be a pretty difficult issue to deal with. People who have this skin type are way more likely to have bad breakouts, have excessively shiny skin, and may even have difficulty keeping thei...
Merina Sabatuccia month ago
BoxyCharm Review
Hello, my lovely people, I was thinking I could start doing a monthly review of my BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription for $21/month that comes as a box of four to five full size cosmetic p...
Best Skin Cleansers for Acne Prone Skin
Around 95 percent of the human population will suffer from acne at one point or another. Many people just deal with it when they reach puberty, but not all of us. Some of us, such as myself, will cont...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
I Tried HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement & Here’s What Happened
If there’s one thing I can honestly say, it’s that I do not exactly have a good diet. Ask anyone who knows me; it’s true. It’s one of those things that I’ve really been ashamed of and have slowly (ver...