Beauty from head to toe; a roundup of body treatments designed to cleanse, exfoliate, rejuvenate and tone.

tnk 10 days ago
Are Nipple Piercings Worth It?
Make sure you do your research before you decide to get nipple piercings. Nipple piercings are becoming more popular, and as many people are getting them done, others are wondering how bad it hurts an...
Krystal Howard2 months ago
My First Brazilian Wax
So several years ago I had finally gotten the nerve up to try and get a Brazilian wax. I had been hearing about getting waxed for a while now from several girlfriends of mine. So after some research a...
Andrea Dawson2 months ago
5 Cosmetic Procedures That Can Boost Your Sex Appeal
As a rule of thumb, let me say that the most important thing when it comes to one's persona lies in being comfortable in your own skin. Whether that means staying "all-natural" until the end of your d...
Izzy Galloway3 months ago
Young and Covered in Art
Ever since I was young, I've loved art and I consider myself an artist. I have always been mesmerized by tattoos and couldn't wait to cover my body in them. My dad has a few tattoos and likes them. My...
Lebo HouseVocalist3 months ago
How To be Naturally Beautiful in a Chemically Skin Damaging World
Monday morning in a 2 bedroom apartment in Leeds and it is slap bang in the middle of one of the coldest winters the United Kingdom has faced in over 80 years. I wake from the the peacefulness of my d...