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Jessica Pilla4 months ago
Why I'm Boycotting Kat Von D Beauty... And Which Brands You Should Try Instead
I'd been a fan of Kat Von D since high school when I first saw her in HIM's music video for their song 'Killing Loneliness.' At the time I'd never seen anyone else like this woman and couldn't help bu...
Kelsey Lange7 months ago
Most Famous Makeup Artists of All Time
From Bobbi Brown, with her incredible makeup line that will live on well past her successful career as a makeup artist, to Stan Winston, winning four Academy Awards for his talents in makeup special e...
‘Licia Cee8 months ago
How Jeffree Star Helped Me Through Postpartum Depression
I have never been one to admire celebrities or religiously follow them on their social media platforms; their photos and videos were often distorted so heavily that the real person behind the social m...
Taylor Markarian9 months ago
Best Makeup Artists on Instagram to Follow Right Now
Instagram is mecca for makeup professionals. That makes it a great tool not just for artists, but for the everyday person as well. If you're looking to revamp your look, the best place to get inspirat...
Christina Hammond9 months ago
Michelle Phan: 'Make Up'
Throughout our life, we absorb knowledge about beauty and style just from living our lives, trial and error. But how often do you personally experience, or know someone who does, that feeling of helpl...
Evan Overton9 months ago
Why This Isn't Just Your Average Red Lip...#Fenty
2017 couldn't be a better time for inclusivity! There have been so many new beauty trends that have hit the scenes this year. From Pat McGrath's blinding skin illuminators, to au-naturale Korean beaut...