cruelty free

Fight the good fight against animal cruelty in the beauty world; a roundup of cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands and how-tos to become a more conscious consumer.

Nailah McCann20 days ago
5 Natural Hygiene Products That Actually Work
Choosing to eat a healthier diet was no doubt a huge lifestyle change for me. Not only did I have to adjust what and where I eat, but I began to start being mindful of what was in the foods I chose to...
LaDeena Cabigon3 months ago
4 Vegan Direct Haircolor Brands
These brands I will be mentioning are vegan and cruelty-free. Also, they are direct dyes, which means no need for a developer; you put the color directly on to the hair. You will find these fashion co...
Rachel Blanchard3 months ago
Amazing Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Cost Less Than $10
All of us should really start getting into cruelty-free beauty products. Not only are they great in quality, but animals aren't being harmed during the process. If we're using a beauty product that we...