Ditch the name brands and Do It Yourself; tips and tricks for must-try DIY beauty regimens, homemade cosmetics, household remedies and more.

Kelsey Lange7 days ago
10 Homemade DIY Eye Masks for Removing Dark Circles
Finding a great eye mask can be hard without breaking the bank, and forget spending under $30 if you're planning on shopping at Sephora. Instead, you can make your own homemade DIY eye masks with thes...
Cheë Cheë15 days ago
DIY Lipstick and Lip Gloss
Hello, ladies. I'll be instructing you how to make your own lipstick. This method will spare you money and work for those on a budget.
Love the Skin You're In
We've all heard it at least once in our lives: "Love the skin you're in." Today, I'm going to break that phrase down to you and explain how and what that truly means. First let's start with loving our...
Heather Wilkins2 months ago
My First Attempt at Bath Bombs
My sister came home one day and told us the recipe she has for her bath bombs. I was eager to get some done for a girl at work because she was so stressed out. I wanted to use Frankincense. It is comm...
Nicole Allen2 months ago
Natural Beauty Hacks from a Certified Homeopathic Remedies Specialist
Finding all-natural ways to do anything in life just sounds better. There are more and more people waking up to the benefits of connecting with nature, especially when it comes to treating themselves ...
Christina Hammond2 months ago
Rice Toner
I know I am not alone in my struggles in finding the perfect products for my face. Our faces are one of the first things people we meet notice, and so we can all be rather paranoid about the condition...
Wendy Wachtel3 months ago
Strawberry Sugar
Homemade strawberry sugar lip scrub is something I like to keep on hand at home. It is simple to make and feels great on my lips. I do not need too much on my lips, so a small case like the one pictur...