From luscious locks to the hippest of hairdos, tips and tricks from haircare experts to keep your hair looking shampoo-commercial good.

Emily Buckley4 months ago
Having a Pixie Cut
After seven years of wanting to commit to the chop, I finally got my pixie cut. I wasn’t going through a mid-college crisis or needing an extreme change—I wanted to be inspired by my hair again. For y...
Emily Page4 months ago
How to Grow Your Hair Long and Healthy
It’s summer, and you’re halfway through the holidays. Your friends returned from an exotic island, Instagram is full of orange tans and envious locks. But your hair seems stuck at its current length—n...
Nicola P. Young4 months ago
10 Things You Must Avoid If You Have Thin Hair
You don't generally get to choose how your hair naturally behaves. Genetics, lifestyle, and habits can all cause your hair to be thin and fine. People with thin hair have a particular set of struggles...
Sasha Konikovo4 months ago
Get Perfect On-the-Go Touch-Ups With the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron
Being a model has meant that I've used a lot of beauty tricks that work on the go. After all, you won't always have time to fix your lip gloss or nail polish when you are traveling back and forth from...
R !sk5 months ago
The Extra TLC Your Scalp Needs for the Holidays
If your conscious of the ingredients in the products you buy, look no further for a great conditioner replacement (...or scroll to the bottom for a database of resources).
Katie Rice5 months ago
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
If you have curly hair, you know the struggle to find products for your hair type. No one ever told me what to look for in hair products so I neglected to wear my hair out curly for most of my middle ...
Evan Emanuel5 months ago
Hair Color Services Decoded
As a hair stylist, I KNOW it can be super confusing about all the types of coloring services that are offered. There is a lot of lingo that us stylists use that seem confusing, when simplified can be ...
Valentina Sophia5 months ago
My Favorite Hair Hacks and Products
I don't know about you, but I love my hair. But it took me awhile to get to loving it! My hair is curly, but not like those beautiful natural curls you can tame and work with, no. My curls are random ...
C B.Shaw6 months ago
Moms with Rainbows
So I have this question... can a mom dye her hair an unnatural color and still be taken seriously? Now, I can see your face as your reading this (scoffing) and saying well, why not? We live in 2018! A...
Faline Kay Frost 6 months ago
Should You Brush Your Hair?
I used to be completely brush obsessed when I was younger because my hair reached my knees and the tangles were impossible. The state of my hair didn’t concern me back then because I just braided it a...
Faline Kay Frost 6 months ago
Anhesti Hair and Scalp Refresher
Today I want to touch onto something very specific out of a wonderful line of products. The line is Anhesti Haircare and its creator is Lorri Weisen. She has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, sh...
Nicola P. Young6 months ago
10 Hair Treatments for Dry, Damaged Hair
Hair is a form of personal expression. We can choose our color, our cut, straight or curly, long or short. When these choices conflict with our hair's natural tendencies though, they often come with c...
Allie wolfe6 months ago
Why I Want to Shave My Head
Because my hair does not determine my femininity Because I do not need to confine to normal gender roles Because the longer my hair gets the more likely I am to hide behind it Because I can The last t...
Destiny Coolbaugh6 months ago
6 Reasons to Shave Your Head
We all have things in life that make us, us. Things that people notice when they first meet you, or how people describe you. My hair was one of my favorite attributes of myself and one that definitely...
Taeja Williams6 months ago
Raw Beauty of a Black Woman
Having dreadlocks is the best decision I ever made in my entire life!!!! I just simply adore the fact I get to just wake up in the morning and not having to worry about styling my hair for the day. I ...
Luna Grimm6 months ago
Platinum Blonde
You have heard the famous quote "blondes have more fun!" But are you ready for that commitment? Do you know where to start? As a hair color specialist here I share the steps to get to the blonde of yo...
Veronica Williams6 months ago
One Bald Babe
There's this saying that goes: "a woman who cuts off/shaves off all her hair is about to do something to change her life." I've seen it spun 900 different ways. "Her life is changing," "get out of the...
Amber may6 months ago
Want New Hair? Here's How
Don't we all need a new hair color from time to time? I think yes. Usually, we stay in the realm of natural hair colors or stay with our original natural color, meaning the hair color that we are born...