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How Tos for the amateur beautician; tips and tricks to help you tweeze, pluck, brush, and contour your way to a glamorous look.

Charlotte Fay2 days ago
My French Girl Beauty Routine
The French have continued to inspire women around the world with their effortlessly chic style and fabulous beauty routines. I, like everyone else, have continued to live in awe of their beautiful ski...
Paisley Hansen5 days ago
5 Ways to Improve Your Hygiene
If you think about improving your hygiene, you may think of using a bunch of hand sanitizer or being a clean freak. This does not have to be the case, and improving your hygiene can actually help your...
Teela Hudak24 days ago
How to Shave
Body hair can invoke a lot of different reactions from yuck to yum. Different areas of the world will have unique views on whether hair is sexy. This will vary from different areas to the body to how ...
Paisley Hansena month ago
2019's Best Beauty Hacks
Are you wondering what a beauty hack is? If you are, let me explain. A “hack” is nothing more than a shortcut. Every gal wants to look beautiful or get that model look, and she wants to do it without ...
Kari Oakleya month ago
Simple Tips for Women's Hygiene
There are several easy ways to maintain your body's most important portion healthy. You will be pleased to incorporate feminine hygiene into your everyday routine, enabling you to experience a more co...
Kevin a month ago
Looking and Feeling Younger
How you look and how you feel go hand and hand. People often feel good when they look good, and vice versa. So why can't the same thing be said for age? How you look can make you feel younger. I am go...
Maliha Anwer2 months ago
How to Clean Your Makeup Sponge
The importance of hygiene in all areas of life cannot be overemphasized. One cannot simply overlook the fact that lack of sanitation and use of uncleaned products can cause a lot of diseases. Same goe...
Paisley Hansen3 months ago
Beauty and Essential Oils
Essential oils have gotten extremely popular over the years for many reasons. Among them is that many people have started using them in their beauty routines. These oils can provide your skin and body...
Paisley Hansen3 months ago
Tips to Getting Ready While in a Hurry
Making Your Morning Routine Quick and Easy
Paisley Hansen3 months ago
Three Common Beauty Problems and How to Fix Them
Ways to help yourself feel better about yourself.
Isla Wright3 months ago
How to Achieve Born-With-It Beauty
These include all fashion trends, what we see on TV, posters, stores, and runways. Naturally, we all have our own sense of style, but there is a general atmosphere when it comes to beauty standards, a...
Mikkie Mills3 months ago
Tips for Looking Healthier, Happier, and More Attractive
As you are going through life, it can be difficult to feel and look good all of the time. However, there are ways that you can feel and look happier, healthier, and more attractive. Once you learn abo...
Eada Hudes4 months ago
Tips on Choosing the Best Hairdressing Chairs
So, you are thinking of setting up a hair dressing salon? That’s a great idea, and before you decide to purchase the required accessories such as hair dressing chairs, you may want to read the rest of...
Megan Andresen4 months ago
Zeroing in on Zero Waste
I am a sucker for clickbait. I hate to admit it, but I find myself reading articles upon articles of things that really do not expand my knowledge. Buzzfeed? Love/hate relationship example number one....
Elisa d5 months ago
Pictorial: Plum Cut-Crease
Where I'm from, prom isn't a thing. But despite this, I do know that prom season is upon us. Not everyone can afford to get their makeup all done up for it—or they would much rather do it themselves! ...
Alana Boyles5 months ago
How to Greenify Your Personal Care Routine
We all know that a healthy mind and body is equal parts what you put in and what you don't. But did you know this concept extends to much more than just the products you eat and drink? In the post-ind...
Isla Wright5 months ago
Tricks to Look Stunningly Young
There’s no woman that hasn’t wished at least once to stay young and beautiful forever. Our appearance pretty much depends on our genes and how we decide to take care of ourselves. And while there’s no...
Sasha Konikovo8 months ago
10 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Larger
Right now, there's a massive beauty trend that's going on throughout Asia. It's a trend of making your eyes as large and as prominent as possible. It's part of a photo trend called "best face," and th...