The ultimate makeup roundup; a guide to blush, shadow, liner and lipstick.

Sprout Chinn5 months ago
Tips and Tricks for Makeup and Beauty Lovers
I've spent the last year working as a makeup artists for films and photo shoots. Here are some of the ways I got free and discounted makeup.
Haley Dorian5 months ago
My Makeup Journey
I used to be the girl who stayed away from makeup, the girl who thought the other girls who DID wear makeup were snobby and thought they were better than the rest of us. That seemed a little true in m...
Heidi White6 months ago
Natural or Not?
You see it everywhere you go. The store, TV ads, posters hung in every mall. It’s even being displayed on the sides of buses! You see what it does, the likes, the love, the shares you can get from it....
Heeta Joshi6 months ago
Brands That Release Too Much Too Soon
Disclaimer: This is an open, honest, and polite opinion. You are free to disagree, but there is no room or justification for vulgarity. That’s a reflection on you, not me. I honestly think some brands...
Amber may6 months ago
Basics of Face Makeup
We all have our own makeup routines and how we apply makeup. I’m here to share my opinion on how makeup should be applied so it can last all day and not look cakey or flakey. This type of makeup appli...
Morgan E. Westling6 months ago
Cheap Makeup Brands That Are Just as Good as Designers
If you’re looking for high-quality makeup without the high price tag that many name brand cosmetics come with, there’s no reason to fret. Many drugstore brands provide professional quality products at...
Heeta Joshi6 months ago
11 New Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 8)
Disclaimer: Information was gathered via trendmood, indiemakeupspotlight, and Indvidual brands’ social media and web shops. If links are missing for some, then the palettes still have not been release...
Destiny B6 months ago
Makeup Bag Tips for Beginners
Growing up, I went through an “awkward makeup” stage. I knew how to apply makeup from watching my mother when I was a child, but when it came to actually buying my own I didn’t have a clue. I started ...
Brandi Payne6 months ago
Incarcerated Makeup
Do you ever wonder how women and men can look so good while in jail or prison? They have a way to utilize makeup which is not even sold on commissary. They use their simple imagination or get tricks a...
Sasha Konikovo6 months ago
25 Best Beauty Gifts for $25 and Under in 2018
If there's one thing most people love to get, it's a gift that allows them to pamper themselves. Lo and behold, the beauty industry is chock-full of products and goods that allow you to show your body...
Haley Dorian6 months ago
Affordable, New, Must Have Makeup
Starting this month, I'm going to be sharing what's new monthly in the world of makeup. Our favorite brands are constantly churning out new products for us, and sometimes it's too much to keep up with...
Amanda Zylstra6 months ago
Favorite Lip Gloss
I am a long time fan of lip gloss. I enjoy the shine and texture of it. I love the way it feels on my lips. I have tried many brands and formulas over the years. This article will discuss my current f...
Amanda Zylstra6 months ago
Best Purple Eyeshadow Palettes
Purple is one of my all-time favorite colors. I am also a huge fan of purple toned eyeshadows, which have been popular lately. This article will discuss some of the best purple eyeshadows on the marke...
Grace Badarak6 months ago
The Perfect Eyeshadows for Your Eye Color
Have you ever done your eye makeup and something just didn't seem right? Many times when people pick out eyeshadows, they pick the colors that appeal to them, rather than the ones that appeal to their...
Alyse McDonald6 months ago
Love Your Lashes
Ladies, ladies, ladies, we are often always searching for the right mascara to make our eyes POP! I myself LOVE to have thick, long looking lashes. However, I rub my eyes far too often to get those fa...
Vivi Higgins7 months ago
Why Vegan Makeup Products Are Good for You and the Environment
It's a known fact that veganism is an increasingly popular trend in Millenials, and only continuing to grow in recent years. It's no surprise that many companies will start to jump on this new trend, ...
Sasha Konikovo7 months ago
10 Beauty Collaborations That Make You Wonder What's Going on with the World
If there's one thing that cosmetics brands have started to enjoy doing, it's beauty collaborations. These collaborations involve having brands or celebrities create color palettes and beauty products ...