The ultimate makeup roundup; a guide to blush, shadow, liner and lipstick.

Janet Mae a year ago
Beauty Questions?
Basic Beauty 101 Ever wondered how all those amazing time lapse videos are actually executed? I get asked that question more times than I have money in the bank. Well, I'm here to help you along your ...
ASHLEY SMITHa year ago
Natural Beats Fake
I would imagine that this piece will be quite unusual for this part of the site. I am male and what I intend to write about will probably be unusual. I have no idea if my personal views are rare among...
Alix McCormicka year ago
How to Be High Maintenance on a Budget
Every woman (most women anyway) spend their money on a certain thing: makeup and nails. While I was in college I had an obsession with makeup and my nails that even when I couldn't afford to, I still ...
RoAnna Sylvera year ago
MAC Announces A 'Star Trek' -Inspired Makeup Collection That Boldly Goes...
...Where no cosmetic line has gone before? At the very least, we're seeing stars. From the official Star Trek website:This summer, MAC will introduce a collection of makeup inspired by Star Trek and, ...
Reese Alexandera year ago
The Makeup Show's James Vincent Shares the Coolest Beauty Trends You Should Try
Professional makeup artists, aspiring artists and beauty aficionados look forward to James Vincent, Director of Artist and Education for The Makeup Show, to share his top beauty trends each season. James Vincent is often the lead makeup artist for New York Fashion Week’s top designers and the “go to” person for the latest beauty trends. Find out what’s hot in beauty for fall 2017, as he recently shared at The Makeup Show Los Angeles.
Anabel Hudsona year ago
The Magic of Makeup
When I was growing up, makeup was used for special occasions and in moderation. I never saw it as a form of self-expression until I reached my late teens to early twenties. Now, I am addicted to the t...
Best Makeup Brushes You Can Get on Amazon
Oh, I know just how pricy makeup brushes can be. And if you're aiming for the best quality, just like most of us, then they're no doubt going to empty your wallet. Buying makeup brushes straight from ...
6 Best Drugstore Makeup Dupes for Your Favorite Brand Name Products
Do you love brand name makeup but your wallet doesn't? Try these dupes to keep your style on a budget!