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Ankh Angel 2 months ago
Finding My Color
Finding Myself in Lipstick
Chelsea Winona5 months ago
Why You Need the 'Game of Thrones' x Urban Decay Collection in Your Life
Girl, winter is coming... well, not really, but you are definitely going to want to get your mitts on this new collab! With everything from an eyeshadow palette to glide on liners, this collection has...
Heeta Joshi9 months ago
Are Beauty Anti-Hauls Negative?
Disclaimer: I simply use Anastasia Beverly Hills as an example here. Whatever I say is applicable to most brands. ABH simply is the best known. No need to hyperventilate. At one point in time, anti-ha...
Heeta Joshia year ago
Juvia’s Place: Time for a Change!
Disclaimer: I love everything that Juvia’s Place represents and what the brand is all about. I love their quality, hands down. I love their price (disliked the shipping, though). However, nothing is p...
Kelsey Langea year ago
10 Dangerous Makeup Hacks You Should Never Try
From the infamous Kylie Jenner Challenge to spraying your face with hairspray as a makeshift setting spray, the most dangerous makeup hacks might be tempting to try out, but we suggest you stay far aw...
Kelsey Lange2 years ago
Worst Makeup Trends That Need to Go Away in 2018
2017 was an incredible year for the makeup industry, and brought on tons of new trends, some better than others. Before we get into the worst makeup trends that need to go away in 2018, I'd like to re...
Rachel Blanchard2 years ago
Most Unusual Lipstick Trends of All Time
Ever since cosmetics became a huge part in the beauty industry in the past few years, makeup artists and lovers all around the world are getting really creative with it. They've started coming up with...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
The Most Ridiculous Makeup Trends
Makeup can be great. It can make you feel better, bring out good features and help hide worse ones. Makeup can help you feel glamorous when you feel gross, and it is generally a thing of wonder to be ...