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H J22 days ago
High End Skin Toners
Toners are my be all, end all in my skin care routine. In other words, I cannot do without toners. Out of everything, toners are of the most importance to me. My preference does run to toners that lea...
Angel Louise3 months ago
Five Classic Makeup Palettes That Everyone Should Own
We all love impulse buying makeup, especially when it has a cult following, intense marketing, and incredibly enticing packaging. However, sometimes it can be better to withhold your money for those a...
H J3 months ago
Riviera by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Disclaimer: My intention is only to help my fellow human beings make an informed purchase.
Abigail Bingham4 months ago
Younique Day Moisturizer Review
I had a ton of reservations about Younique products for a very long time, even when my sister started selling makeup as a presenter. I never really felt like I could trust those companies because they...
H J4 months ago
Stila Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette
Disclaimer: My only purpose is to help my fellow human beings make an informed purchase.
life with mascara4 months ago
My Top Drugstore Mascaras
If you haven't figured it out by now, which I'm sure you have given the name of my blog, mascara is very important to me! It's the beauty product I can't live without (besides concealer). I have tried...
H J4 months ago
Protege by Suva Beauty
Disclaimer: It's really not that serious. Please don' get offended.
Nathaniel Corns4 months ago
My First Time Using a Bath Bomb
So full disclosure: I'm probably not the demographic for bath bombs. I'm a 21-year old male, who admittedly doesn't like taking baths. I kinda feel like I'm lying in my own dirt. So take everything yo...
Maddie Goody4 months ago
Top 5 Lush Products
I have always been obsessed with Lush. Since it came into malls way back when I was a young teen, I always loved their products. Lately, as the poor university student I am, I haven't really been able...
Elisa d4 months ago
Chick Advisor Review: Aveeno MaxGlow
Thank you so much to Chick Advisor and Aveeno for providing me with complimentary products to review. If you are interested in doing some reviews with Chick Advisor and getting the chance to test prod...
Elisa d5 months ago
Top Box Circle Review: Nude by Nature
Thank you so much to TopBox and Nude by Nature for providing me with complimentary products to review. If you are interested in doing some reviews with TopBox, and getting the chance to test products ...
Tiffany Wolter5 months ago
Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer & Velvet Noir Mascara Review
I was recently lucky enough to receive these two products from Influenster to review. I've never tried either of these products before, and I have never tried any sort of lash primer before.
Sasha Konikovo5 months ago
10 Epic Beauty Subscription Boxes
There's nothing quite like receiving a subscription box in the mail. It's so fun knowing that you will get a nice bunch of handpicked items sent right to your mailbox. It's like getting a random birth...
Lauren Marisa5 months ago
How I Stopped Paying for High-End Makeup Products
Have you ever walked through the beauty aisles at Target and found yourself leaving with 1,231,872 things you didn't actually need? Or walked through Ulta or Sephora and found yourself purchasing an e...
Tiffany Wolter5 months ago
How I Got Over $290 Worth of Products for $49.99
I've received three FabFitFun boxes so far and the most recent 2019 Spring Box has been my favourite so far by a landslide. With past boxes, I've received some things that I wouldn't necessarily get a...
Sasha Konikovo6 months ago
10 Pheromone Fragrances You Didn't Know About
In the animal world, flirting is a lot more instinctual than it is for humans. Scientists have established that most animals find their mates through the sense of smell—specifically, through their rea...
Caitlin Sullivan6 months ago
Ipsy February Glam Bag Review
For those who don't know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription that personalizes a bag of makeup and beauty products for you every month. They allow you to make a profile where you can tell them about yours...
Laura Ansbro6 months ago
The Low-Down on Liquid Peel
Ever heard of a skin peel? It's a kind of beauty treatment often associated with salons and spas If you're like me, you find the idea a little alarming, then you've probably never tried one. Why would...