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Monica DeMill9 days ago
Weird (But Real!) ChapStick Flavors
Sure, you could go for your normal cherry flavored chap stick. But that's no fun! I went deep in search (maybe too deep) for the weirdest chap stick/lip balm flavors I could find. I was pleasantly sur...
Chloe Gilholy10 days ago
5 Lush Products You Can Get for Under a Five
Lush is a magnificent soaps and cosmetics store with handmade and ethically sourced products. It's hard not to find something you will love here. The place is friendly. It has so much colour it could ...
Amanda Zylstra12 days ago
Treat Beauty Giant Lip Balms
Treat Beauty makes lip balms that are three times larger than standard lip balms. These giant-sized lip balms last longer and are easier to locate in your purse or backpack. I am in love with the size...
Patricia Sarkar15 days ago
GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil: A Review for People with Sensitive Skin
If there’s anything that I’m known for, it’s having sensitive skin. My skin always breaks out as soon as it hits light, and at times, even blowing my nose can cause pimples to form on my face. My skin...
Mina F.21 days ago
Ten Essential Must Have Beauty Products
The beauty industry is expanding more and more in our society and is most likey to continue, and further increase in the years to come. Even celebrities, such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian for instanc...
Anne Reboa21 days ago
12 Beauty Products You Need in Your Life
There are thousands upon thousands of beauty products, all promising to improve your skin, hair, save you time in your beauty routine—but these products will actually do what they market themselves to...
Maria Orpinela month ago
A Foundation You Must Try!
Throughout the years I struggled to look for a foundation that is right for me. I am a pale female with a few freckles on the face and I have dry sensitive skin. There have been so many foundations I ...
Nyx Matte Lipstick Review
Last Friday I was feeling like my lipstick wasn't all that it should be. After I got off the train, I went to target to buy some other lipstick. Of all the brands at Target, I bought this one because ...
Elf Shadow & Liner Duo Stix Eyeliner Pencil Review
This is the E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Shadow & Liner Duo Stix Eyeliner pencil; it comes double ended with matte eyeliner on one end and shimmer eyeliner on the other. It is a larger eye pencil than norm...
Kelsey Langea month ago
Best Charcoal Face Cleansers
Charcoal is the new best thing in beauty, and it can be found everywhere. From teeth whitening to blackhead removal, charcoal-infused products are filling the shelves. As some of the best products on ...
Ada Zubaa month ago
Review of Colorista by L'Oreal Paris
Hello! This is a review of Colorista by L'Oreal Paris. Let's cut to the chase; I love this product and you will too if you are indecisive or if you only want semi-permanent colour in your hair. I have...
Kathryn Calverta month ago
The Stick I'm Stuck On
Okay, I admit it. I've been 100 percent committed to my foundation for at least the last eight years. It's simple. Once I find something I really like, then I'm going to consider it a friend for life....
stupid weenie2 months ago
The Best of Cheap Makeup
As a student with a pretty low-income job, I don’t have the money to throw around for high end makeup products. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve parted with a crisp $100 for a few palettes and a foundation, b...
Crystal Massey2 months ago
Apex Booty
Typically, I would start with a witty or humorous intro for a review article, but after the experience with this company, I feel like this would get my point across better. After I placed my free samp...
Robyn Tee-Zee2 months ago
Affordable Makeup: 'e.l.f.' Edition!
As someone who lives on a very strict budget, I always loved the idea of doing a full "glam" with affordable makeup you can buy at Target, Walmart, and online at stores such as Hush, which is my perso...
Jacqueline Hanikeh2 months ago
Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Alternatives for That Golden Glow
Rihanna recently launched her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, and literally everything in her brand is stunning. From the array of foundations to the contouring sticks, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, Rihanna w...
Paige Bird2 months ago
My Beauty Wish List
Basically, I can’t NOT think of beauty items I want. So let’s just dive in, shall we?
Hannah Gonzalez2 months ago
What's in My Makeup Bag?
I put this list together by popular request. Here are the beauty products I use every day.