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Amanda Zylstra7 months ago
Hush App Review
Let me start off by saying I am beauty product obsessed. I enjoy trying out new makeup and skincare items and purchase these items on a regular basis. I am always looking for the next best product to ...
Amanda Zylstra7 months ago
5 Favorite Korean Toners
Korean skincare products are taking the world by storm. Stores like ULTA and Sephora are starting to carry these skincare products that come from overseas. There are many different brands to choose fr...
Heeta Joshi7 months ago
11 Eyeshadow Palettes and My Tift with Them
Disclaimer: All information was gathered from @trendmood, an amazing Instagram account that makeup junkies need to follow, stat. Constructive criticism is not someone being negative and hateful. It co...
Megan 7 months ago
Top 5 High Street Foundations
We have all had those moments when we feel it is time for a change, whether that be your next career move, your dream home or even starting a family. Choosing your next foundation may not be as much o...
Heeta Joshi7 months ago
11 Luxury MU Brands at Shoppers Drug Mart
Sephora isn’t the only option, Canada.
Amanda Zylstra7 months ago
5 Favorite Korean Snail Products
I am a huge fan of Korean Skincare products. They work well on my combination oily skin and often times contain unique ingredients. Snail secretion is one of those unique ingredients that is sometimes...
Merina Sabatucci7 months ago
BoxyCharm Review
Hello, my lovely people, I was thinking I could start doing a monthly review of my BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription for $21/month that comes as a box of four to five full size cosmetic p...
Amanda Zylstra7 months ago
Favorite Lipstick Brands
I recently took a poll on Facebook and asked what everyone's favorite brand of lipstick was. There are many brands on the market and it can be hard to know which one to choose. As a lipstick lover mys...
Heeta Joshi7 months ago
11 New Palettes and My Tift with Them
Package Design + Colourstory
Stripes Joplin7 months ago
The 30 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without
As the owner and creative director of a start-up cosmetics company, I know three things: what you put on your skin and in your hair is a big deal; all beauty products are NOT created equal; and, if yo...
Heeta Joshi7 months ago
11 MU Brands That Have The Best Designed Packaging
Disclaimer: I think that the reason eyeshadow palettes are the most popularly collected makeup product is because of the packaging. Nothing in the makeup market can draw your attention the way a prett...
Mars A.M.8 months ago
6 Hair Products That Keep Your Hair Healthy
I really enjoy hair things. Trimming it, dyeing it multiple colors, doing new hairstyles with it. But really the hard part is the upkeep. To a small degree of success, albeit I struggled to keep the g...
Ossiana Tepfenhart8 months ago
I Tried HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement & Here’s What Happened
If there’s one thing I can honestly say, it’s that I do not exactly have a good diet. Ask anyone who knows me; it’s true. It’s one of those things that I’ve really been ashamed of and have slowly (ver...
Heeta Joshi8 months ago
Prism by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Disclaimer: I spend my dough, that gives me the right to have an opinion. If ABH pays your bills, by all means, leave. As we “intelligent” human beings know, understand, and (should) accept, it is imp...
Patricia Sarkar8 months ago
I Used Organic Body Oil on My Hair and This Is What Happened
There are a lot of things I have managed to tame over the years. I’ve managed to tame my wild style into something that looks visually appealing. I’ve been able to get my driving style to be a bit tam...
Moroccan Spice Palette
A Review of the Moroccan Spice Palette by Fenty Beauty
G M8 months ago
Mario Badescu Review
About a year ago, I decided to give Mario Badescu products a try due to my battle with acne. I had some really positive results as well as some setbacks so I wanted to come in and share my experience ...
Heeta Joshi8 months ago
Subversive by Pat McGrath Labs
Disclaimer: Critiquing a brand is not a crime. Threatening someone over it, however is. I bought this eyeshadow with my own hard earned money, therefore I have the right to form an opinion on it. I co...