Skincare 101; discover essential products, treatments, dos and don'ts to promote clear and healthy skin.

Ann Marie8 months ago
Facing My Insecurities
When most girls turn thirteen, they get boobs. I, however, received a different blessing from the Puberty Fairy. I did not get bumps on my chest, but rather bumps on my face. Large, red, clustering bu...
Erika Farrah8 months ago
An Acne Treatment to End All Treatments
What is one of the hardest parts about being a teenager and going through puberty? Acne. When you reach a certain age, you’d think that it would go away. You hope and pray that it’s only a phase and t...
Art Creeps8 months ago
The Picture That Spoke a Few Thousand Characters
Meaningless notifications from the Linkedin app led me to my girlfriends profile; A beautiful black woman. After 10 seconds of scrolling the news feed, then 20 seconds of adding random people with coo...
Lily Hoffman8 months ago
Here's What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal
A year ago when I decided to start laser hair removal, I underestimated three aspects of the process: the price, the time commitment, and the pain. What did I overestimate? The effectiveness.
mia sugui8 months ago
Top Skin Care Products That Have Worked Wonders for Me
Unless you have been blessed by the Gods, you have probably run into some kind of obstacle with your skin and how you want it to look. In today's society, a clear and glowing face is worshipped, causi...
Kayla Michele8 months ago
How To Get Clearer Skin FAST!
The following is the routine that has given me skin that I can be happy with. I will be sharing the things I have found most effective alongside some of the products I find really work.
Ash Man8 months ago
The Truth Behind These 8 Popular Skincare Items
It doesn’t take a beauty mafioso to know about the revolving door of products touted as the magic bullet for everything from wrinkles to combination skin. After all, the leagues of Instagram and Pinte...
Amanda Nowak8 months ago
Spironolactone Cleared My Skin
I've never had severe acne, however, I had what dermatologists would refer to as "moderate acne". I always had little pimples on my chin and on my forehead, and my skin was always super oily. When one...
HUM 8 months ago
Everything You Should Know About Taking Beauty Supplements
For the longest time, the beauty industry has focused on exterior appearance and surface solutions. To a point, it makes sense. We put makeup on our faces to cover up acne and other imperfections. We ...
Valerie 8 months ago
Accutane Skincare Routine
In a world of striving for perfection and flawlessness, it's hard to not focus on every little flaw. Skin issues are definitely one of those flaws that people try to erase. They can be daunting and br...
GLAUX CHEM 8 months ago
How To Reduce Sun Damage After a Sunburn
With the beautiful warm glow that the sun casts upon beaches and woods, nature has a way of luring us out of our homes for some summer fun. Though going out for hikes or swimming at the beach is a hea...
Dianelys Negron9 months ago
How to Get Rid of Blackheads
Everyone gets blackheads. First off, what are blackheads? Blackheads are a plug of sebum in a hair follicle darkened by oxidation. They are ugly and sometimes they are hard to get rid of, so I'm going...
Macie Miller9 months ago
Dealing with Acne
Along with tons of other teenagers, I struggle with acne. It didn't start until I was around 14 or 15 years old. With each passing year, my skin got worse and worse. It became a crippling insecurity o...
Chica Reyass9 months ago
Best Skin Cleansers & Face Washes for Sensitive Skin
I must have done something really brutal in a past life because I'm being punished by having sensitive skin. I can't even get kissed by the guy I'm seeing, Devon Thomas, without a little bit of rednes...
Tara Bush9 months ago
How I Got Rid of My Facial Scar
One day I woke up and realized I needed to try something new! When I was fifteen I was bitten by a dog. Sadly, it left a big scar about two inches on my chin and I was self-conscious about it for YEAR...
Sasha Konikovo9 months ago
Best Skin Cleansers for Dry Skin
Dry skin is a nightmare during the summer... and the fall, winter, and spring. That tautness in your face, the fact that breakouts happen when you sneeze, and the feeling of having skin so paper-dry, ...
Chatty Anya9 months ago
The Key to Smooth Skin
Since summer is approaching, we all want to look good in our pictures. Or you just want to have clear skin all throughout the year. This can be hard for the few of us that don't have perfect skin. But...