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The Best of Cheap Makeup

Some amazing makeup products that won't empty your wallet.

As a student with a pretty low-income job, I don’t have the money to throw around for high end makeup products. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve parted with a crisp $100 for a few palettes and a foundation, but I’m not doing that every week.

There’s two things I will usually spend more cash on, because I believe they can not be matched by a drugstore items. These items are my eyeshadow, and my highlighters. I’m quite particular about these two things and rarely buy drugstore dupes of these, but enough about expensive makeup. Let’s get into the cheap stuff!

1. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: $7.99

I know I just got done saying I like to splurge on foundation...ha ha. But this stuff is amazing. The Fit Me line is one of the more diverse brands at the drugstore. With 28 shades in matte and dewy finish, anyone can find a shade for them. This stuff looks like skin, feels like skin, and gives amazing coverage. I have a splatter of freckles across my nose that are dark enough to show through most foundations but this stuff covers them up. And for eight dollars? Talk about a steal I would highly recommend.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: $6.99

Another fit me item. If you explore dupes heavily like I do, you have probably heard the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer comparisons with this one. And I’m here to tell you they are not the same. While they are both wonderfully creamy, pigmented concealers. Maybelline does not compare. All of this aside, this product truly is great and they have just recently expanded their shade range for more deeper dark tones. My only complaint would be an oxidation issue I’ve had in the past. Overtime, the product seems to darken inside the package, regardless of how tight I close it. This could be caused by me keeping makeup past the expiration date. (It expires when it’s empty alright?) But overall a great product for the price.

3. Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder: $7.99

This is the final Fit Me product, I swear! But ya’ll, this stuff changed my life. I have pretty naturally wrinkled under eyes, and most if not all powders help with this issue. I’ve tried Laura Mercier too so don’t even try me with that one. But this stuff saved me, baking with this is an absolute dream. And it comes in multiple shades! Go out and get this I swear it’s one of the best.

4. Elf Baked Highlighters: $4.99

Yes, I am picky about my highlighters. Most highlighters can wash me out, and aren’t pigmented enough. But believe the hype on this one, this highlighter delivers beautiful shine that isn’t too glittery and still looks natural. An important tip most people miss is that you have to scratch off the top layer with a cotton pad or a knife to truly get a blinding highlight, otherwise it will not have the pigmentation so many promise.

5. Morphe Palettes: $23.00-30.00

Again, BELIEVE the hype. Morphe palettes have been talked about by almost every beauty guru across the internet. It’s a staple in your kit. These palettes are relatively cheap for the amount of product you receive. The shadows are buttery, blend well, and wonderfully pigmented. I would recommend 100 percent.

6. Ardell Faux Mink Lashes: $5.99

These are one of my go-to’s. I use these for anything from full glam looks to everyday wear. The lashes are lightweight and the band is dark which helps to blend into my natural lash line. These lashes have slight flicks on the outer edge, which helps to open my eyes personally. Overall, these are amazing and one of my favorite lashes ever. The 810s are also beautiful and fluffy.

7. Elf Lock On Liner: $4.00

The instant I bought this stuff, it replace my Benefit Ka-Brow. This is another one of my holy grails. I can get instagram brows out of this, or a natural feathery brow out of it. It has the consistency of a gel liner (hence the name) and the pigment of the well-known Anastasia Dip Brow. On top of the smooth application, this brow cream lasts all day even when I rub my eyebrow. This product is amazing for someone brand new to makeup who wants to learn how to do their brows. I would highly recommend.

8. NYX Butter Gloss: $4.99

Unpopular opinion: gloss is better than matte, fight me. I’ve been using these glosses since I started doing makeup. These glosses are creamy, glossy, and not sticky at all. They come in an array of colors that cater to darker skin tones as well. One thing I’ve noticed, is this gloss is a bit thinner in consistency, and as it begins to wear away from my lips, it leaves them extremely moisturized and soft. A solid ten I’d recommend. 

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The Best of Cheap Makeup
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