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The Best vs. the Worst Holiday Themes

Eyeshadow Palettes

We are going to start with the best, and then the worst themed eyeshadow palettes of this season. So if you want to avoid the "negativity" aka constructive criticism, then you are well warned. 

This at the end of the day, is a subjective opinion. Therefore, take whatever I have to say with a grain of salt. 

On a different note, there are some holiday palettes, which are not very holiday-esque in terms of theme, but neither are they holiday inappropriate (like Naked Cherry by Urban Decay, Bronze Seduction by Pat McGrath, the Volcano by Becca etc...) 

This list consists of mainstream brands regardless of them being an e-commerce only brand or being available at retail stores. 

Now I live in a world where we have a white Christmas (it's bloody cold). But there are places in the world that have tropical Decembers (Tarte ahem pineapple ahem). So forgive me if I don't sound holiday correct as per your region.

The Best

Look at the palette! I honestly think this is not only the best holiday themed palette. But it's also a very smart theme, that pushes down that recycled wearable colour story down our throats. But the theme makes it seem unique.

I do not know about you, but whenever December is just around the corner, I think Christmas. And when I think Christmas, I think pine trees, when I think trees, I think a star at the top of said tree. I honestly wish that instead of a Safari/Gold palette, ND would have done a Star edition II palette in her plastic packaging with a subtle but obvious star themed aesthetic. That would have been cool. Alas, her minis are not the biggest fan favourites.

Geology and holiday, does not necessarily go hand in hand for me. But this is designed so well, that it looks like an intricate gift box/wrapper. It also looks like it would fit right in with other Christmas tree ornaments.

I find the sky more mystical and beautiful during the holidays. I think the holidays goes hand in hand with glitter and all things magical. Hence, I do find the three palettes CL came out with, quite apt for the holidays.

What can I say? It's a killer package design. (Albeit the colour scheme leaves something to be desired). The packaging reminds me of Frozen a bit, I wish the shadows reflected that. It is what it is, I guess.

Here's another palette that reminds me of Frozen. The palette design speaks for itself. But I do wish that this entirely a blue palette with a periwinkle blue matte and shimmer.

It is such a pretty aesthetic. It's almost (not quite mind you) similar to UD's Born To Run Palette. But I love the design on this so much more. I have never tried a LP palette before. And while the colour story is not anything revolutionary, I am still very tempted.

I find the brand itself to be very magical, and holiday feely. Undeniably, Disney defines magic. I support the collection aesthetic, a hundred and ten. The only reason I will not be picking this palette up is because, when it comes to Disney animated movies, Peter Pan is not my cup of tea. Cinderella? (Sure.) Snow White? (Okay.) Ranpunzel? (She's my girl!) Beauty? (Hell yes!) Peter Pan? (Did I even watch the movie?)

I do think this is a boring palette in terms of colour story and in comparison with every palette that ABH has come out with. Having said that, on it's own I do think it's a very classy and chic eyeshadow palette. It's sexy without being trashy or too much. The red packaging was a smart design tactic. I can't believe I am saying this, but I kind of wish they would have gone velvet on this one. I still think that velvet on the Soft Glam or Norvina was lazy. I would have preferred this glittery packaging for Soft Glam instead. But there's just something about the thought of red velvet, that just sounds very appealing.

The Worst

Note: I honestly do not have a problem with most themes in eyeshadow palettes (unless it's shiz like abuse (wtf), crimes (depends), diet choices (awkward). Not even the ones listed down below, with one exception. But there's a place and time for everything. And I do not feel that it was the right time for these releases.

I do not mind literal or subtle sex themes in makeup. But it has to be done right, and it has to be done at the right time. Anything of sexual nature, that Too Faced comes out with I always find tacky. Now this particular palette is very KVD. It might be a bit much for the prudes out there, yet it does not feel tacky for KVD.

I did order the palette because it went on sale, and I'll talk more about it in the review. But suffice it to say, this palette feels tacky (which objectively it's not for the brand) simply because it most definitely is not holiday appropriate. Imagine gifting a makeup product to someone on Christmas morning, that essentially glorifies BDSM. It's beyond a little awkward. Now if this were a February release? That would have been a smart time.

I think her recent drama adds to the flames. However, if she would have come out with something a bit more Christmasy, I do think it would have helped her brand from the rut it has fallen into. Consider her palette from last year, the stained glass of a church window. It may not have been for everyone (myself included). But it was undeniably beautiful, and well thought out.

  • Lolita by Kat Von D

The palette is still not out yet. Hence, the lack of a weblink.

This is one of those themes, that I do not support. I like the palette aesthetic and colour story. If it goes on sale, it's possible that I would buy it. Sales are an ingrained weakness. I am being straight here. Love the palette, hate the name.

But the theme Lolita is never appropriate. People can argue that it's a fashion sense now. But no one can deny that, that said fashion sense revolves around "adult women" who look like or try to look like little pubescent girls. The desire to sleep with a twelve year old looking "adult woman" in my book is a pedophillic fetish.

I am not saying it is criminal, as long as the woman involved is an actual consenting adult. But some things should not be glorified, so blatantly at the very least. If just one shadow in the palette was called Lolita, that would have been a bit easier to stomach.

Some name suggestions: Dark Rose, Black Rose, Roses and Thorns, Petals and Thorns, Love Blossom, Pinks and Pretties, Pink Goth, Soft Goth. IDK! You get the gist.

Again, not a problem with the palette. But from what I've heard this is their second or third marijuana theme palette. LAZY! But it feels like a summer palette. Something that should come out when Coachella is in season.

I like the palette. Ordered it and am waiting for it. But to me it feels like a spring palette.

Again, I like the palette. But it feels like it belongs in February.

All I am going to say is that these should have been a Sept/Oct release. And if they wanted to do candy for Nov/December, then here's a few ideas: Candy Cane, Hershey Kisses, Peppermint Barks, M&Ms, Chocolate Santas etc...

Happy Reading!

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Au Revoir Mon Ami!

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