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The Fuller Lips Secret

Naturally Big Lips

It’s all Kylie’s fault. In the 20s, lines for lips were the it thing—nowadays it's all about having your lips plumped to the max. Whilst I don’t believe in surgery, lip fillers or botox at all, there are still ways you can bring out the best in your lips for a fuller and more define pout. Aside from lip liner and other lip growing techniques, I have found two beauty products that are completely accessible and help women achieve fuller lips:

Sexy Motherpucker—SOAP & GLORY

RRP: £9.00 for 7 ml

APPLICATION: Apply balm to your lips to soften and smooth before the intensity starts. Apply one layer of Sexy Motherpucker on your lips and wait for two minutes. Apply your lip colour over the top. Even out your colour with another layer of Sexy Mutherpucker to finish off.

EFFECTS: As soon as it is applied you start to feel the strong tingling effects and within 30 seconds your lips are looking much fuller. By strong tingling effects I mean VERY strong. I know some women who think the feeling is too much, but if you can hack it, you will love the outcome.

SMELL: The smell is so yummy. It’s like peaches, vanilla, and cherry all mixed into one. Absolutely delightful.

SHADES: Soap & Glory have come up with a vast range of shades for this gloss—eleven, to be exact—and let me tell you, it is so great to apply as a base coat before your lipstick and afterwards to make the colour glow. I usually buy it in shades PINK OUT LOUD or CANDY QUEEN. It adds a little bit of natural pink to match your lips. I'm just about to try it in BARELY NUDE, so I will tell you how that goes.

They also have a clear gloss called XL EXTREME PLUMP that can be mixed with any colour, however with this one I didn’t get great results, I found it less plumping.

PROS: In general I love this product and you can start to see and feel results instantly, it really plumps your lips to the full.

The colours are amazing and they really stay on your lips.

CONS: I had a gander over the ingredients list and I can’t help but wonder what harsh substances they put into it in order to make your lips literally grow and tingle intensely. I can’t imagine they are good for our lips.

I try not to use this product too much, but when I do, it also runs out FAST. For a 7ml long tube, I was hoping for a little more wear and durability.

It is also quite thick in consistency. That is something to bear in mind if you do not like stickiness.

Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ—DIOR

RRP: £25.00 for 6ml

APPLICATION: Exfoliate lips with lip scrub or brush lightly with warm water and a toothbrush. Apply one layer over lips.

EFFECTS: Provides a light cooling sensation and lips start to look fuller after two minutes. Your lips feel icy cold and fresh.

SHADES: Dior’s lip maximiser collection comes in ten shades. I use shade 006 which appears on the bottle to be nude/light brown colour. When you apply it on it's pretty clear but with a beautiful, glittery shimmer.

I always wear this on its own when I want to look as natural as possible. I also don’t want to ruin the amazing glow it gives.

SMELL: Mint. It’s minty fresh, which goes hand in hand with the tingle.

PROS: I love how natural it appears on your lips, and the extra shimmer is so pretty.

Comparing ingredients, the Dior definitely has fewer substances in it making it more appropriate for everyday wear.

It is collagen activated, meaning it contains a blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that instantly leave lips smooth, moisturised, and plump-looking

Dior moisturises well and it does not feel sticky or heavy on your lips.

CONS: The feeling is not as intense as Sexy Motherpucker. It also has less of a plumping effect.

Overall I love both of these products and will continue to use them both for great results. For daily use, I will wear Dior to keep it natural, and for going out, Sexy Motherpucker is best to lock in the colour and make it pop!

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The Fuller Lips Secret
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