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The Most Ridiculous Makeup Trends

The Weirdest Trends in the Makeup World

Makeup can be great. It can make you feel better, bring out good features and help hide worse ones. Makeup can help you feel glamorous when you feel gross, and it is generally a thing of wonder to be celebrated daily. But sometimes, some pretty weird crud slips through the makeup net, and for some insane reason, it catches on and becomes popular! Every generation has its weird makeup and fashion things, but some of these seem like a step too far and they should be totally erased from the makeup history books. 

Wavy Eyebrows

Seriously, what the hell is that supposed to be? Who in their right mind had an idea and thought, "I know what looks great—eyebrows that look like little sperm tails." And the worst part is, people didn't mock, they didn't say, "I'm not doing that, I'll look like a fool," they gave it a go and took it seriously! 

Feather Eyebrows

Eyebrows feature pretty heavily in beauty nowadays. In fact, people seem to concentrate more on their eyebrows than their actual eyes and the rest of their face! But I think someone lost concentration (and their mind) when they invented the feathered eyebrow look. It's just plain weird and I can't really say much more about it. 

Furry Nails

What I think of when I see furry nails

Who doesn't want to look like they have tiny furry creatures on their nails? I mean, it certainly doesn't look tacky, weird and gross! No, not at all. Seriously though, what happens when you wash your hands? You have to go to the bathroom at some point; do you have to walk around with soggy, furry nails that smell like a wet dog for the rest of the day? 

Ear Makeup

As a long-haired person who hardly ever puts her hair up (I have a giant head) I think this is particularly odd. I know some people say you should put foundation on your ears as they will be a different colour than the rest of your face, which I guess kind of makes sense. But making up your ear with stuff like eyeshadow and highlighter? How proud of your ears are you? 

Unicorn Anything

I can't be the only woman who is tired of seeing unicorn nonsense everywhere I turn. Unicorn eyes, nails, and hair look like your kid has done your makeup. It's along the lines of mermaid crap for me—sick of the sight of it! 

Lollipop Lips

I assume they are called lollipop lips because you have colour around the outside of your mouth, making it look like you have been sucking on a lollipop. When is that a good look? Never. You wouldn't do it with brown lipstick—that's like a makeup sin, apparently—so why is it acceptable with other colours?

Glitter Roots

I have dark brown hair and am slowly turning grey, so I fully understand the frustration of wanting to conceal your roots; but covering them with glitter makes it look like you have some kind of sparkly scalp condition. Stick with the colour coverup. 

Holographic Everything

Putting a multi-coloured shine on things makes them look cheap, tacky, and dated! Why would you want to put that look on your nails, let alone your eyes?

I just don't get it.

Me when I try to do lipstick

I don't claim to understand the world of makeup these days. I wear it to try and hide my giant pores and make it look as though I only have one chin, but some of these things are making the wearer look ridiculous. And it's not just a woman thing; plenty of men are engaging in this nonsense too—but don't worry, you look just as weird as the ladies do. 

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The Most Ridiculous Makeup Trends
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