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The Secret Ingredient to Flawless Skin?

Essential Oils

Hi, everyone! Let's talk about essential oils! Everyone who knows me knows that I use essential oils for my face and body like it's my ritual. News flash! Essential oils are not just used by hippies. I use them all the time in my everyday routine; night and morning. Essential oils are starting to become more and more popular. If you're not familiar with them, you should know that there are so many benefits to using them and each essential oil can be used in many different ways. Keep in mind, there are lots of brands; low quality and high quality and essential oils can range from $5 to almost $300 per bottle!

Why use essential oils for your body?

Good question. Essential oils are extracted from parts of the plant including the bark, stems, leaves, flowers, and plant roots. Adding essential oils to your beauty routine can heal skin conditions, reduce cellulite, reduce acne scars, even skin tone, soothe sore muscles, boost mood, and reduce any inflammation that you might be having. I know you might be thinking "WOW! These are so many amazing benefits!" Well, these aren't even half the benefits!

There are so many different types of essential oils out there, but I'll share a few of my personal favorites that I use daily.

For the Face

Tea tree oil: I must say, tea tree oil has been by my side for years! In fact, this was the very first essential oil that I picked up from the TJ Maxx. I use tea tree oil as a toner. That's right, toner! Screw all those toners they sell in the store with complete alcohol and other nonsense ingredients that dry out your face. Tea tree oil got rid of all my hormonal teenager acne and it makes my skin feel clean and fresh. I usually keep a spritzer bottle mixed with water and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and spray it on a cotton pad and dab it on my face. This gets rid of all the bacteria and dirt that I had left over after washing my face.

Moisturizer: I like to mix a few essential oils together in with a carrier oil and change it up every now and then. I mix frankincense oil, (prevents signs of aging) ylang-ylang oil, (brightens skin tone) lavender oil, (restores skin complexion) and tea tree oil (fights acne) in with almond oil. I like to call it my zap away magic potion because it has helped me reduce my acne scars overtime and helps with evening out skin tone!

For the Body

Detox: I like to mix in lemon essential oil in with my water on the daily. The lemon essential oil comes from the lemon peel which is why it's better than using just a plain lemon. Adding two-three drops in your water improves digestion, promotes weight loss. and overall adds a fresh taste to your water. I'm sure we all knew this about the whole lemon in water benefit, but who doesn't love a good reminder about these benefits!

Healthy, radiant skin: I LOVE using coconut oil and rosehip oil for my body. Not only does it smell wonderful, but I also get that soft glowing skin when I get right out of the shower. During my nighttime routine, I add a dab of lavender or frankincense oil on the back of my wrist and nape of my neck. This just helps me wind down before I hit the sack.

If you're wanting some downtime, I'd really suggest adding some essential oils and Epsom salt into a warm bath. Skip the bath bombs. You'll thank me later when it's time to clean your tub. ;) I recommend adding drops of frankincense oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, and orange oil.

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The Secret Ingredient to Flawless Skin?
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