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The Skin We're In! How to Care For It

Essentials for great skin

Everyone knows that our skin is the biggest organ that we have, caring for it however is another story. Over the years there has been controversy over what works and what doesn't, all trial and error if you ask me! The environment that we live in now plays a big part as well, so there has been new studies on defenses that we can use for our skin. Some can take a more natural approach as well, and not just "ready made" products. This article will discuss those options. 

Skin Regiments

There are three things to consider overall for a good skin care regimen. Without considering these things, the skin care regimen you will have will not work.

Diet, stress levels, and caution to environmental exposure are the three most important.

For diet, pretty much what goes in, comes out. It has been said that consumption of a lot of whole milk, could cause breakouts on the face, chest, and back, just to name a few of the common areas, because of the natural hormones in dairy. Water intake is another that is needed in order to keep skin hydrated, and able to flush out toxins from the body. Skin will look hydrated and have a healthy appearance. Protecting against the UV rays (sun exposure) would be the most important. If exposed to a lot of sun on a pretty frequent basis, this could cause age spots, and potential skin cancers. Using the recommended SPF for your skin type can help protect against the damaging sun. Controlling stress levels (easier said than done!), is very important. The more stress you have, the more your body will release excessive hormones. Those hormones could lead to excess oils being released, and could cause acne breakouts on the face and body. 

Types of skin

Now that we have covered the necessary basics, we can now go into several different types of skin items. It is very important to figure what skin type you have, because all products and natural products are not for everyone. There are several types: oily, dry, combination, acne-prone, and sensitive. Once you have established your skin type, then you can come up with a regimen that involves products specifically for you.

There is one tool that any skin type can use, that is the Jade Roller. This is a facial tool that helps with blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, helps drain excess fluids, and decreases puffiness. This tool looks like a small paint roller, and that's how you would use it on your face. There are videos on YouTube on how to use the roller.

Exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing are vital steps. You would normally exfoliate to remove dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and glowing layer of skin, and to aid with the use of products. There are natural exfoliants that you can make at home; most use organic cane sugar as the base, and with that you can add essential oils, honey, and Shea butters. Cleansing is done in several ways, some people actual do an oil cleansing that involves using olive oil to help loosen and bring out oils that has been hardened with impurities in your pores, and then follow that with your non abrasive cleanser. Moisturizers have come a long way, they not only come as non-comedogenic, but more specific to your skin type. There are a lot of DIY kinds you can make at home that involve cocoa butter, Shea butters, and essential oils. People have also found that using cucumbers for your eyes help with puffiness, and using aspirin can spot treat blemishes.

You can check out Real Simple and WikiHow, to get additional ideas and advice on proper skin care.

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The Skin We're In! How to Care For It
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