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The Stick I'm Stuck On

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation — A Review of My New Best Friend

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation In Shade F2

Okay, I admit it. I've been 100 percent committed to my foundation for at least the last eight years. It's simple. Once I find something I really like, then I'm going to consider it a friend for life. Why bother looking to see what else is out there?

Unfortunately for my foundation, that all changed last week. 


I was innocently scrolling through my Facebook news feed when I spotted a post that was shared by HotUKDeals with a link to purchase Makeup Revolution's new Fast Base Stick Foundation — the foundation "everyone" is waiting to get their hands on.

Curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link. When I saw the variety of shades, and the measly £5.00 (plus £1.95 postage) price tag, I was intrigued.

All it took was a bit of Googling and reading about the worldwide hype over this full coverage foundation from the London-based low-priced cosmetics company, and the next thing I knew I was clicking on my ideal shade and then checking out my basket. I felt giddy like a teenager and had a huge grin on my 40-something-year-old face.

My new foundation arrived within a few days and I have to say my grin is still here. Here's a look at why:

Packaging – Apart from the envelope it was posted to me in, the foundation didn't arrive in any sort of cardboard packaging, just the loose stick itself. At three inches long (nearly 8 cm) with the cap on, it is a peach-coloured lip stick-like tube with a shiny rose gold interior under the cover. 

Turning the base to reveal the full length of the actual stick of foundation resulted in a cause for concern. There is actually only about one inch (2.5 cm) of product. My immediate worry was how long this would last. My liquid foundation usually lasts me about six months and my first instinct told me that with daily use, my Fast Base Stick might not last more than a few weeks. (Fortunately, this worry was laid to rest once I applied the foundation.)

Colour and Scent — I have fair-coloured skin and normally order my foundation in ivory. Fast Base Stick Foundation is available in 18 shades, F1 - F18. I went for F2 and much to my relief picked the right one. The foundation is almost scent free. I definitely do not smell any strong fragrance. This is very important to me, as I am sensitive to perfume and strong odours. 

Application — Before applying the foundation, I followed my usual routine of serum, day cream and a primer. I had watched a few YouTube videos to find out how people were applying the foundation. I noticed quite a few people were applying multiple strokes onto their skin (like six or seven per cheek!). When blended, the foundation looked like plastic and overdone (although most seemed happy with their results). Therefore, I decided to apply only two strokes onto each cheek, one onto my chin and one swipe across my forehead. 

The foundation glided effortlessly across my skin. It felt incredibly smooth and light, which was amazing as it went on flawlessly. Using a blending sponge, I spread the foundation easily within seconds. It was as if the foundation knew exactly where it was supposed to go, and it covered my face perfectly. It was like using an airbrush. 

Unless you have a challenging area that you want to hide, only a few dabs here and there are necessary. Go easy — you can always add more. Fortunately, this resolved my question of how long this product would last, and I would say definitely longer than just a few weeks. It might not last six months, but at £5.00 that isn't an issue for me.

Appearance and Wear — I was very impressed with how smooth and dare I say perfect it made my face appear. Fortunately, I don't have many wrinkles yet, but my skin isn't as perfect as someone 20 years younger than me. There are fluctuations in colour, slight age spots, light freckles, the odd section of more noticeable pores and a few fine lines around my eyes. This foundation covered all that up and it seemed to erase the years away. If only it could hide my vertical frown lines!

And while it covers remarkably well, it doesn't look like it is plastered on. It doesn't feel warm or sticky. It doesn't clump, either. When I touch my face, it still feels like my own skin, and the foundation doesn't seem to rub off onto my fingers. 

I would describe my skin as normal. I rarely use a powder to dull any shine — because there rarely is any — and I didn't feel the need to use any powder with this foundation either. It's lasted me from morning until the evening when I'm ready to remove it — and that proved to be simple as well.

Overall rating — I think this foundation is amazing. Its natural, full coverage capability and the low price is a win-win situation. Application is fast and almost effortless, and it turns the face into the perfect canvas for your other make up products. I say give it a go. You just might find your new best friend!

I purchased Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation at (the parent company of Makeup Revolution). The website ships worldwide but note that postage may vary according to your location.

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The Stick I'm Stuck On
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