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Tips for Longer, Healthier Hair

Here are some tried and tested home remedies to get your hair to stop being so agitating and just grow already.

I'm someone who is very conscious about my hair. It's my shining glory but that didn't just come to be because I had the genes for good hair. No, no, no—I take exceptional care of my hair and here are some tips and tricks I've learned over the years that could help you get that beautiful head of hair you've always wanted. All the tips I'm going to share here have been tried and tested by not only me but by many people who I recommended these to. They, like me, swear by them.

Hair Oil for Hair Growth

If you're someone who is trying to grow out their hair, and want those long locks you yearn for when you see hair dye commercials, then this oil is something you should make. The composition of the oil is three quarters coconut oil and one quarter castor oil. You will also need to add drops of peppermint oil in this. Add as much as you like, but just remember, the peppermint oil will give you a sensation of heat so don't be too heavyhanded with it. The method of application is to apply the oil in the roots and then rub your scalp with your fingertips to generate some heat. Then, slowly work it to your tips. This oil will not only help you grow your hair out but will help with moisturizing your scalp. You might feel your scalp to be a little prickly once you apply this, but that's not an issue. If it is more than a mild sensation then the peppermint is not suitable for your skin and you should not use this oil. You can always replace the peppermint oil for lavender oil. Always remember to test the peppermint oil first by rubbing a few drops on your wrist before using this oil. After you have applied the oil, wrap your head in some saran wrap and leave it for 15 minutes. You can also pull on a plastic shower cap if that seems better. After 15 minutes, wash the oil out properly. You'll have to be careful because castor oil is hard to get out. Shampoo it enough and exfoliate with your fingertips.

Egg Mask for Strengthening and Repairing Hair

To make an egg mask, all you'll need is an egg, some oil, some yogurt, and an perfumed oil (e.g rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil). Egg has keratin in it and that helps repair damaged hair. So, this will be very useful if you are someone who applied a lot of heat on their hair or dyes it a lot. Normally, the recipes for egg masks on other websites make the mask in itself very smelly and leaves your hair smelling like egg. If you use my recipe, that will not be the case. Just break an egg, add a tbs of any oil, add a tbs of yogurt, and 35 drops of peppermint oil/rosemary oil/jasmine oil (whichever smell you prefer). This allows the smell from the egg to be overcompensated by the oil and leaves your hair even better smelling than it was before. After you have applied the oil, wrap your head in some saran wrap and leave it for 15 minutes. Again, you can also pull on a plastic shower cap. This mask makes your hair so smooth that you won't be able to resist rubbing your hand through it, I guarantee that. Keep the mask in at least 15 minutes and then wash and condition as usual.

Use mayonnaise.

Applying mayonnaise to your hair gives the same effect as the egg mask. Except that it is far easier than the egg mask, much quicker, and everyone has mayonnaise in their kitchen cabinets (even if not peppermint oil/rosemary oil etc). Just take some mayonnaise and rub it into your scalp. After you're done, wrap some saran wrap or put on a plastic shower cap, and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash and condition as usual. This tip became very handy for me when I wouldn't have much time on my hands for something time-consuming. It has the same effects as an egg mask but takes much less time.

Tips for Shiny Hair

If you want shiny hair then either make a mask with yogurt and tbs of honey or wash it with apple cider vinegar. For the mask, just add a tbs of honey in some yogurt and apply it all through your hair, from the roots to the tips. Then wrap with a saran wrap and let it sit for 15 minutes. If this is not for you then wash it with apple cider vinegar. You will have to dilute it first. The ratio of water to vinegar should be one to three. This also helps if you have dandruff. It's a quick fix for dandruff and you'll notice a visible change after just using it once. Once you've diluted the vinegar, just shampoo your hair as usual and rinse it. Then rinse with the diluted vinegar and condition as usual.