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Top 10 Eye Shadows For Blue Eyes

Find the ultimate shades to bring out your beautiful eyes. These are the top ten best eye shadows for blue eyes that will make them pop every time.

Find the best shadow shades that will make your eyes pop with the top ten best eye shadows for blue eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul after all, right? So why not make those windows even more inviting. These colors are guaranteed to bring your true eye color out, and provide a warm and vibrant base that will make them pop. 

From warm tone mattes to shimmery golds, these are the best eyeshadow singles, palettes, and even a liquid shadow to bring out the blue in your eyes. As a makeup lover with blue eyes, I had picked out some of my favorite shades, brands, and formulas for my own looks.  

Deep Reds

To start off our list of the best eye shadows for blue eyes, I had to begin with my all-time favorite eyeshadow palette on the market, the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I've had it for two years now and I adore every shade. 

For my blue eyes, the warm tones make them pop, and bring plenty of color to my makeup looks. My favorite shade in the palette is Red Ocre, and a shade like this is a must have in every blue-eyed person's makeup collection. Deep reds will pull the color in your eyes out, and make them pop instantly. A color like this all over the lid is a look on its own.  

Mauves and Oranges

Much like the Modern Renaissance palette, this palette also features warm tones. I want to focus on the mauve and orange tones in the palette as being some of the best eye shadows for blue eyes. Mauves are great for blue eyes because they can deepen up the crease while still providing a warm-toned color that isn't brown. 

A great shadow to put in the outer corner, this will blend effortlessly with red, browns, and golds. And a great orange shade is perfect for a transition shade. The first shade to put down in the upper crease, this will set the base for the rest of your darker shades, and create an effortless look. It can also be put on the lid for a sunset-esque look. 

A Little Glitter

The next eye shadow I have picked out is the beautiful Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. An incredible formula that will provide a stunning glitter to the lid, this product is raved about by all beauty lovers. 

I chose this product to prove that not only mattes work well to make your blue eyes pop, but glitters do the trick just as well. An easy application right to the center of the lid, a warm or golden tone would work the best to highlight your eye's color. 

Glittery Gold

Gold is a perfect pop of color to bring out your eyes. Without being too bright of a color, gold provides a glittery, yet subtle, glow to the center of the lid. This Pure Gold Ultra-Fine Face and Body Glitter by Too Faced is to die for, and you have to get your hands on it, no matter the color of your eyes. 

But if you have blue eyes, this will be your next best friend. Taking any makeup look to the next level, this glitter will add a pop of color to the lid while still effortlessly blending into the colors we previously talked about, especially the warm toned mattes. 

A Hint of Blue

Believe it or not, people with blue eyes shouldn't be scared off by the color blue. Though there is definitely a way to include this into your makeup routine, it can be done easily without looking out of place. 

As one of the best eye shadows for blue eyes, I wanted to include a palette that features a pop of blue, but not a blue single eye shadow. This is because the best way to incorporate blue into your look is done with a few different transition shades. Or even better, you can add the deep blue to the lower lash line to really bring out the color of your eyes. 

Shades of Brown

Next, on my list of the best eye shadows for blue eyes is a palette filled with the best shades of brown. A great everyday palette by Dose of Colors, these shades will all compliment your blue eyes perfectly. 

The first shade is an off-white color which will work to set down your concealer or foundation on the lid and set a base for the rest of the shadows. Then the sandy caramel beige will work great as a transition shade, following the peachy brown. Then, add the reddish rusty brown to the lid, and deepen the crease. 

Muted Purple

Purple is also a beautiful color that will really enhance your blue eyes. I suggested a muted purple, this way the look will still remain warm and easily transitioned with other complimentary colors such as brown and even orange. 

A great alternative to dark reds and orange colors, purple also goes great for mauve. There are plenty of shades of purple that will bring out the color in your eyes. Plus, it's a great way to switch up your looks. 

Bright Looks

If you are willing to step a little outside of your comfort zone, bright and electric makeup looks will also make your blue eyes pop. Vibrant colors will bring out the true color of your eyes, and will allow you to explore new and creative ways to work with color. 

Though it will definitely be intimidating at first, with a little practice, playing with color is fun. Try out something that you would never think would match your eye color, you never know what will really make them pop. When I look at this palette, I am immediately drawn to that icy blue color. Or on the other hand, the neon pink is also calling my name. 

Warm Toned Mattes

Like I've touched on before, we had to mention again the fact that warm toned mattes will always bring out blue eyes. A great example of a palette with beautiful warm tones is Anastasia Beverly Hills' Subculture. 

As one of the best eye shadows for blue eyes, this palette has all of the best options, plus some. Of course, there are browns, oranges, and maroons, but there are also greens and peach colors, plus, a purple! It's the ultimate blue-eyed beauty palette. 

Black and Grey Smokey Eye

To complete my list of the best eye shadows for blue eyes, we had to mention the classic black smokey eye. Not as easy to do as you think, you should always begin a dark smokey eye such as this with a light transition shade. 

I would start with the first pale shade, and then slowly transition into the rich brown. Finally, you should be able to incorporate both the gray and black into an all over the lid smokey eye. Once you have effortlessly transitioned and blended these shades, your blue eyes will pop instantly due to the contrast of the colors. 

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Top 10 Eye Shadows For Blue Eyes
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