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Top 10 Products for Getting Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

Feel like your facial hair is getting in the way of your foundation? Check out any of these products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair for good!

There's nothing I hate dealing with more than facial hair. The sight of it bothers the hell out of me and I really... really hate it when it gets in the way of my makeup. Whenever I'm applying foundation or powder, the foundation doesn't properly buff into my skin because the little strands of peach fuzz are making my makeup look streaky. Then when I set my foundation with power, all of the strands are sticking up and my makeup looks ugly.

I complained so much to the point where my mother bought me hair removal cream. Little did I know that my face is extremely sensitive. Not only did it remove my facial hair, but it left my skin blistering red and burning. Then I figured that I needed to get my hands on a facial hair remover that wouldn't burn my face, as it's one of the essential beauty products you need in your life.

I came across an array of different types of facial hair removers and bought one that perfectly suited my sensitive skin! If you're struggling with applying your makeup on smoothly with the best makeup tips for sensitive skin, or simply hate seeing hair on your face, consider getting yourself any of these products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair right now!

Flawless Instant and Painless Facial Hair Remover by Finishing Touch

Most of us are always looking for ways to remove facial hair as painless as possible. I know I'm the worst when it comes to removing facial hair because of my sensitive skin. I'll tear up from waxing, plucking, threading, almost anything. However, Finishing Touch's facial hair remover is an amazing product that's pain-free. 

This beauty device can erase hair instantly without irritating your skin. Its head is made out of 18K gold and designed to look like a lipstick, which is great for traveling because of its portable size. It can remove facial hair from the upper lip, cheeks, chin, and eyebrows. You simply press the head flat against your skin and move it in circular motions to remove any unwanted hair.

Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover by Tweezerman

Whenever we’re getting ready for an event and spot any unwanted facial hair, we definitely want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. We don't have the time to pluck each and every individual hair, but use a tool that will immediately pick up hairs at every use.

Tweezerman's Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover is among the best products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair quickly. It’s a unique tool that features colored handles for precise gripping and a high-quality coil spring that work together to remove any facial hair. The stainless steel spring instantly removes hair right from the roots and leaves your face feeling baby soft!

2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal by Dermaflash

My friend, Brenda, has a ton of peach fuzz all over her cheeks. She absolutely hates it when she wears makeup because the little hairs get in the way of her foundation and makes her face look streaky—just like what I've gone through. After she looked up products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair, she came across Dermaflash's 2.0 Luxe Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal and couldn't be happier with how her foundation looks.

This product can both exfoliate the skin and remove that pesky peach fuzz right off of your face. This kit comes with a the Preflash cleanser, the Postflash moisturizer, five Dermaflash exfoliating edges, and more. About 93 percent of consumers reported that the product effectively removed peach fuzz from their face and said that their skin felt a lot smoother than before.

Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set by Sephora Collection

I don’t know about you, but my eyebrows need a touch-up once a week. My eyebrows grow fast and if I hold it off for two weeks, my eyebrows will look like two bushy caterpillars. I’ll pluck, but I also needed a tool that will help me evenly groom my brows.

Then I noticed some of my friends using the Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set by Sephora Collection and I had to get my hands on it. To this day, I use this tool every week when it's time to touch-up my eyebrows. The Japanese stainless steel blade comfortably trims any unwanted hair from the face. It’s safe to use to groom the shape of your eyebrows, the upper lip, and even the bikini line. The tool also comes with an additional tool that features a lash comb and a ridged safety guard that protects sensitive skin and even prolongs the blade’s life.

Facial Hair Removal by Coresto

Hair on our cheeks, chin, upper lip, and even our nose hair is a struggle to get rid of. All we're looking for is a kit that can handle all of the unwanted hair on our faces. Turns out, there is such a kit that can remove all the different types of our facial hair!

Coresto's facial hair removal kit is among the greatest products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair because the kit includes everything that you need. The package includes the main body, facial hair removal head, eyebrow trimmer head, nose hair trimmer head, shaver head, and a cleaning brush. The electrical device can quickly shave and trim delicate areas so you won’t have to pluck, wax, or do any other form of hair removal.

Face Perfection by Venus

Venus's Face Perfection is one of the most loved products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair because of its effective performance. This product has an extra-slim head that features 10 micro-openings that can instantly remove the finest hairs. It has a plucking speed that’s faster than tweezers and it removes four times shorter hairs than waxing!

Its sleek and portable design is great for taking it with you anywhere and its delicate size gives you full control over smaller areas on your face. If you have sensitive skin, Venus’s facial hair remover can gently remove hair anywhere on your face like your forehead, chin, upper lip, and between your eyebrows without bothering your skin.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal System by COSBEAUTY

Some of us can't afford laser hair removal because, let's admit it, it's pretty damn expensive. Even though it's very effective, our wallets wouldn't be able to handle the cost. If only there was a much cheaper and effective form of laser hair removal out there.

Actually, COSBEAUTY's IPL Permanent Hair Removal System is just as powerful and is way cheaper than getting it done by a professional. This hair remover uses professional intense pulsed light to target the melanin in hair follicles to completely disable the hair regrow ability. Then this results in permanent hair removal! You’re basically doing laser hair removal right in the comfort of your home without spending thousands and it’s just as effective as the professional kind.

Hair Removal Strips with Honee Formula by GiGi

Waxing is an effective method of hair removal, but it's a total hassle. The process of getting the wax ready by heating it up and waiting for it to cool down before use... it's just time-consuming. Aside from that, I use to always burn myself from the wax because I wouldn't know when the wax properly cooled down! Wax is just one of those things that shouldn't go near sensitive skin.

However, GiGi's hair removal strips are one of the best products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair because they work even better than actual waxing and they're far less painless. The ready-to-wax strips feature 24 quick applications when you’re in a rush to remove any hair. These strips remove hair right out of their roots and leave your skin silky smooth for weeks! In addition, this purchase comes with an after wax lotion that you apply after using the strips to moisturize the skin, remove any excess wax, and refine pores.

AP-18 Emagine 72 Tweezer Head Epilator by Emjoi

Emjoi's Tweezer Head Epilator is a powerful tool that can easily remove any unwanted hair right out of their roots. It can remove a bunch of hair all at once, which makes the hair removing a quicker process. This hair remover features 72 tweezer heads that never leave behind a single strand.

The 17-millimeter disk opening is the optimal radius to effectively remove any strands of hair. The Emjoi’s “Glide Technology” lifts up the hair and enables the tweezers to glide over the skin and help minimize irritation so your skin is always smooth in the end.  

TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System by Iluminage

Lastly, Iluminage's Hair Reduction System is among the best products for getting rid of unwanted facial hair for its lasting results on all skin tones. This product is actually used by dermatologists across the globe and it’s proven to be super effective on all skin tones and a wide range of hair colors and thickness. It’s ideal for both women and men for permanently reducing hair growth.

The Elos technology combines Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency energies that offer the permanent hair reduction results you want quickly without any pain. The system includes the actual device, 120,000 quartz cartridge flashes, and more. 

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Top 10 Products for Getting Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
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