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Treat Beauty Giant Lip Balms

Are you a fan of sweet smells and organic products? Check out Treat Beauty today!

Treat Beauty makes lip balms that are three times larger than standard lip balms. These giant-sized lip balms last longer and are easier to locate in your purse or backpack. I am in love with the size of these lip balms. Bigger is sometimes better, especially if the ingredients inside the product are also good. 

Each lip balm is made with USDA certified organic ingredients. These ingredients are sensitive skin safe and work wonders on chapped lips, dry skin, and eczema. Unlike other lip balms, Treat Beauty lip balms are proven to heal even the most chapped lips in cold weather conditions. Many reviewers have said these lip balms are amazing and worked miracles for their lips. Treat Beauty is also 100 percent cruelty-free, which means they never test on animals. They are also recognized by PETA.   

$13.99 is the price for each lip balm stick. Some of the best selling flavors are Birthday Cake, Banana Cream, Chocolate Mint, and Snow Cone. These flavors are color free and suitable for any gender or age. Children and adults alike love the sweet smells of these lip balms. 

Some of the other flavors offered are Butterscotch, Toffee, Vanilla Buttercream, Wedding Cake, Sugar Cookie, Confetti Cake, Coconut Cream, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Marshmellow Creme. They also offer a Mocha flavor that has caffeine in it and Mint Matcha Tea which also has caffeine in it and can be used as a lip balm or eye stick. The caffeine in the product helps with reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and helps to prevent wrinkles. Mint Matcha Tea also has a cooling effect and hydrates as well as firms skin. With so many choices, there is sure to be a Treat Beauty stick that is perfect for your taste and needs. 

Treat Beauty also makes a lip balm that has a hint of color. These are great for a natural look or light makeup day. This product can also be used on cheeks as a blush. The colors the tinted lip balm/cheek color comes in are Sweetheart, which is a hot pink color and smells like candy hearts, Candy Apple, which is a red shade and smells like apples and cinnamon, and Sugar Plum, which is a purple color and smells like plum candy. Treat Beauty also makes a tinted balm that has a shimmer to it. The shimmer shades are Cotton Candy, which is a pink shimmery shade and smells like cotton candy, Cream Soda, which is a peach shimmery shade and smells like cream soda, and Coralicious, which is a coral shimmery shade and smells like mango. 

Arthur is another brand made my Treat Beauty that is geared towards men. Arthur uses the same great organic ingredients in its lip balms but makes less sweet flavors. Orange, Coffee, and Mint are the versions that are available. The packaging is also more basic and less girly looking, though any gender can use this item.  

Another great product from Treat Beauty is their lip scrubs. The lip scrubs come in the same jumbo size and are also organic and cruelty-free. They also sell for $13.99, which is the same price as the lip balms and tinted lip balms. Marshmellow Creme and Salted Carmel are the two scents the lip scrubs come in. Both of these scents are sweet and wonderful. What I like the most about these lip scrubs is that they come in a twist up tube, which makes them easy and less messy to use than other lip scrubs on the market. It is also more hygienic in stick form because you don't have to dig your finger into a pot over and over again. I would recommend these to anyone out there that likes sweet flavors and wants smooth lips. 

Check out these great products today!

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Treat Beauty Giant Lip Balms
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