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Vegan Hair Dyes That Actually Work

Cruelty-free, zero animal-derived ingredients, and quality formulas create the best vegan hair dyes on the market.

As the popularity of the vegan lifestyle grows, so do vegan products. It used to be impossible to find hair dyes that weren't tested on animals, let alone created without animal-derived ingredients. 

Today, the beauty industry is slowly but surely recognizing the necessity to produce quality formulas that are cruelty-free, or else they will rightfully lose customers. Plus, natural home beauty tips are becoming more and more trendy.

We have completed a list of the best vegan hair dyes for your hair, and what makes them stand out from the rest. Don't worry about if your next hair change will follow your lifestyle choices again. These vegan hair dyes are great for any animal-rights activist. 

Hair Color by EcoColors

EcoColors provides one of the top vegan hair dyes in the industry with over 13 different shades. No one will ever guess your color is artificial, as each color is natural looking and vibrant. 

Never worry about harmful chemicals again, as this formula is PPD-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and propylene glycol-free. However, it is not meant to correct bad dye jobs or cover gray hair, and rather a color-refresher. 

Herbal Haircolor Permanent Gel 5N Light Chestnut by Herbatint

As one of the best permanent options for vegan hair dyes, Herbatint has created a formula that provides 25 vibrant colors. 

You can count on this color to cover unwanted grey hairs and give you the most natural looking color, with options for red, brown, and blonde, in a variety of shades. Plus, it is made without ammonia, alcohol, or parabens. 

100% Vegan Semi Permanent Hair Color Dye by Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox has produced vegan products from semi-permanent dyes to toners. Advertised as a proud to be vegan product, this dye is super gentle on your scalp and hair. 

Plus, 15 percent of your purchase will be donated toward fighting to end animal cruelty. Be confident you are making the right choice with each purchase. You can even achieve blonde hair with minimal damage with this one. 

Rockabilly Semi-Permanent Color Cream by Manic Panic

The Manic Panic is one of the best brands for vegan hair dyes because of its unique formula. As a semi-permanent dye, this is a cream that you work into your hair, and is advertised to last up to eight weeks. 

However, it works best on light hair, as it can adjust to the color easier, but dark hair will still capture the color, just with a more natural tone. Manic Panic is proudly a 100 percent vegan brand. 

Hair Color System, Light Blonde by Shea Moisture

Created for dark, textured hair, this hair color system is perfect for beautiful color, even on the most stubborn natural colors. Forget about damaging bleach and harsh chemicals, their light blonde hair dye will still do the trick, no matter how dark or textured your hair may be. 

Shea Moisture has one of the best organic products that has zero ammonia and sulfates. Plus, it's enriched with shea butter for immediate damage control.

Henna Light Brown Cream by Surya Brasil

One of the best vegan hair dyes that is in cream form, the Surya Brasil light brown henna cream will last up to eight weeks. With gentle ingredients that will effectively dye each strand, even grays, this is a product that will leave no streaks and is completely natural looking.

With only the best organic ingredients with zero cruelty involved, this is one of the best products to leave your hair looking soft, damage-free, and vibrant. 

Hair Dye (Absinthe green) by LUNATIK

PPD-free, zero animal testing, vegan, cruelty-free, and long-lasting? Lunatik Hair Dye provides all of this and more. As one of the most vivid vegan dyes on the market, this specific color is called Absinthe green, if that says anything about the range they provide. 

After two years of production, the company created their most long-lasting formula yet. This release includes royal blue with purple tints, bright red, royal purple, hot pink, and many more. 

Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime

With a name like "Unicorn Hair" you've got to expect nothing but the best when it comes to vegan hair dyes. As a semi-permanent color, this product gives the opportunity to turn into a beautiful uniform, or the next best thing. 

This specific color happens to be a lime green, which might not your typical idea of a new hairstyle, but something that is made possible with this vegan-friendly product. Browse their variety. 

Natural Hair Color and Conditioner by Light Mountain

This is a completely natural hair color that is made of only the best organic ingredients. With a 100 percent botanical formula and an added conditioning program, this kit has all the necessities for the best at-home salon experience. 

The kit even includes gloves and a hat for protection, and an instructional guide that takes you through each step of the process.

Smart Blonde High-lift Hair Lightener & Ash Blonde Conditioning Toner by Smart Blonde

Smart Beauty is a great place to finish off our list of the best vegan hair dyes. As a line that supports complete cruelty-free production, this hair dye is one of the best options for ammonia-free dying. 

As a gentle and conditioning process, even the lightest blonde is obtainable with toning. Plus, you won't have to worry about altering your hair's strength, as it will remain healthy and silky. 

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Vegan Hair Dyes That Actually Work
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