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What Is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh products make pampering fun while creating projects to help empower people!

Many of you may have heard about Perfectly Posh pampering products and wonder what it's all about and some of you may be reading about the company for the first time! The short answer is  Perfectly Posh products are made in the USA with natural based ingredients for pampering people and so much more! 

Perfectly Posh just celebrated their seventh birthday! Ann Dalton, the CEO and Founder of Perfectly Posh launched the business on October 1st, 2011. Recently, Direct Selling News featured not one, but two articles about the company!  The articles include an interview with Ann Dalton, Eddie Silcock, Chief Sales Officer, and Sam Funk, President.

Direct Selling News Featuring Perfectly Posh

A brand that is fun.

I accidentally stumbled upon Perfectly Posh in 2012 on Twitter. I signed up for a sample and received The Ritual face mask, now a consultant product only, in the mail. My face is sensitive but I applied the pink mask to my face. Posh was having a contest where potential customers snapped a photo with The Ritual on and posted it to social media of their choice. I posted mine on Twitter. 

I didn't win anything but what I discovered was not only did my face feel fantastic after using the mask, this company made their brand look exciting and fun! The contest was hilarious because people from all over the country were posting selfies with a bright pink mask on their face. It made me want to learn more.

After reading about the company, Ann Dalton, the products, and information on becoming a consultant, I was hooked. I ordered products over the years and finally took the plunge in April, 2017 to become a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. I knew this was a great brand with amazing products that I could be proud to sale.

My Perfectly Posh Website

Perfectly Posh offers products that are made with natural based ingredients so customers don't have to worry about fillers or animal cruelty. They also make the products fun. Perfectly Posh gives people permission to take the time to simply pamper themselves and have fun while doing it. 

With product names like The Stripper, Fantasy That, You Need A Hug, and Hips Don't Lie, the packaging and names grab people's attention. Once they try the products they realize how good their skin, hair, muscles, and more feel. 

There's a lot that makes Perfectly Posh stand out in the direct selling market. Their "giving back" projects make people feel good about buying the products.

You Deserve It Foundation

A few years ago, Perfectly Posh launched their You Deserve It Foundation, the charitable arm of Posh.

Ann Dalton's statement on their home page says, "WE are friends who will roll up our sleeves and offer both temporary relief in the form of pampering—a moment to catch their breath—and assistance in many forms, as we rally around causes and organizations that help them with a hand up in their lives." 
Perfectly Posh proudly partners with organizations such as AgroAmerica that resource Palm Oil. Posh turned this year to "give back" ingredient sourcing programs that benefit women and children of remote Guatemala, Ghana, and sub-Saharan Africa. Responsible sourcing of palm oil is rare among skincare companies. It adds to expense, but Posh has made a serious year long commitment to helping its Guatemalan sources and nutritionally supporting infants.

You Deserve It has also partnered with Global Shea Alliance to build the Shea Sisterhood. This brings work and income to Guatemala.

The DiVA Project

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Posh created the DiVA Project which will help raise funds for The Fight Against Domestic Violence, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Perfectly Posh will provide essentials and pampering to 20,000 victims in shelters across the USA.

Learn more about the DiVA project.

In Conclusion

Perfectly Posh is a company that wants to share amazing pampering products that people can have fun with while feeling better about themselves. Posh is also a lot more than just it's products. The projects for charity are part of the company that is serious in helping empower women to feel good, support one another, and give back to the places their ingredients are sourced from. 

All of this led to me becoming a consultant and I love sharing everything Perfectly Posh launches. Posh also rewards their consultants as well as their customers. They launch many deals and sales for existing customers. Recently, they launched a huge sample promotion for new customers. Posh wants as many people as possible to try their products. 

Posh also has their Perks reward system. When you begin an account as a customer or consultant, you sign up for Perks which count as points. The Perks help pay for products or the products get a large discount. You earn your first Perks for simply signing up. Then Perks are earned for every order placed, your birthday month, referrals, hosting a party, and other fun ways. 

Posh rewards consultants various ways. Perfectly Posh recently changed the way consultants get paid. In the past, consultants were paid once a week for every order placed by the end of the week. Now consultants can get paid as fast as 3 hours after an order has been placed with them. Ann Dalton felt like in a world where everything is moving fast, it would benefit consultants to receive their earned money faster. 

To learn more about Perfectly Posh, you can check out their website and blog. You can also use my website. Sponsoring a $5 bag for the DiVA Project is a way of helping the project and also receiving a code for a free product to try. For samples you can contact me at [email protected] with your mailing address.

Life gets hectic so taking a few minutes of each day to pamper yourself will help you rejuvenate while enjoying products that are healthy for you. Perfectly Posh simply pampers you because YOU deserve it!

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