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Winter Skincare You Will Go Crazy About!

Best Winter Skincare for All Skin Types

It's almost Christmas and almost all of us want to look our best. We have all had our bad skin days, from acne, to dry skin, or even oily skin. I am going to let you in on a couple of my little secrets to keep your skin radiant and flawless so you can stay on the nice list this year.

When I was a preteen, one of my biggest problems was acne. Nobody wants to look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer on Christmas, unless of course you intended to. My little helper for acne is the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser. Not only was this affordable but it took 2 days to get rid of my acne. Another good one is the Clean and Clear exfoliating cleansers. I tried all of them, and they all work similarly, so either one will do the job. My ultimate favorite is just a Dove bar soap. Rinse your face with warm to almost hot water and rub the bar on until it feels like a mask. Then, take a regular shower loofa and scrub everything off. It's an alternative to cleansing brushes and it works better. Last thing, is to wash it off with warm water again. This gets rid of all acne and dead skin. This is my daily routine in the shower; I guarantee it works within 3 days.

I no longer have skin blemishes, but since it's winter, my skin is in need of moisture. I recently discovered a line of skin care that I fell in love with since the first time I tried it. I have been using the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum, and the Vinosource serum to retain moisture and a natural glow. It's a little pricy but its totally worth it, and it lasts me a long time. Both products have a lot of moisture, a very light consistency, and leaves your face with a fresh feeling. The Vinoperfect Radiance serum also eliminates dark spots from scars, or sun spots. They are both also good at minimizing pores, and the brand is cruelty free which is a big plus. It makes me happy when I wake up and put it on because they smell like grapes, and that's exactly what they are made of. It works for all skin types.

Another great moisturizer is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst oil free hydrating gel moisturizer. It works well with oily and dry skin, and it's more affordable. You can find it at Walmart and sometimes at CVS. If you have oily skin this will control it, and for the rest of the day you won't have to struggle with butter face. This happens to me mostly during the summer time. Since Caudalie and Clean and Clear, my face feels and looks beautiful.

Most importantly, we must take care of our skin from the inside out. That comes with a good diet, exercise (plus it will keep you warm), and water. Make sure to hydrate your body with water and even drink a little bit of tea. Tea is a great source of medicine and well being. Caudalie also has a tea and even vitamins to keep you looking great from head to toe, and it's very affordable. You can also try Jasmine tea and other herbal teas. They all help your skin, some more than others. You can even find teas at your local grocery store. Green tea is an all around beautifier. I can't say it enough: water, water, water! Drink at least 3 tall glasses of water every day; you will feel better, and look better. You can even add a little lemon or lime juice as a detox. Lemons and limes make your skin clear and glowing.

Until next time :) thank you for reading!

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Winter Skincare You Will Go Crazy About!
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