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Worst Makeup Trends That Need to Go Away in 2018

In my opinion, these are the worst makeup trends that we need to leave in 2017.

2017 was an incredible year for the makeup industry, and brought on tons of new trends, some better than others. Before we get into the worst makeup trends that need to go away in 2018, I'd like to remind you that I am not here to tell you what to do with your makeup, that's entirely up to you. 

Rather, I'm sharing my own opinions on the trends that did not work for me. So without further ado, these are the top ten trends that I will be shutting the door on this year. 

From wavy brows to nose hair extensions, let's leave these trends behind, shall we?

Wavy Brows

To start my list of the worst makeup trends of 2017, I had to begin with a hilarious one. Obviously not a serious makeup trend, but one that definitely made its rounds around social media, the trend was more of a creative exercise, rather than actually something that people would try at home. 

Plus, most of the posts of the trend didn't require any makeup whatsoever, it turned into more of a photoshop skill. I can see where this trend came from, and trying to stir the pot in the makeup world is often overlooked. 

Wavy brows certainly became a hot topic, and it even hit the YouTube world, featuring people trying to recreate the look with heavy brow product. Let's leave this skin-crawling trend in 2017. 

Fake Freckles

Definitely a trend that only a select group of makeup enthusiasts have tried, I would have to rank fake freckles as one of the worst makeup trends of last year. Though it's not extremely popular, adding fake freckles on top of foundation with a brown eyeliner or eyebrow pencil is not something that I think should make its way into 2018's trends. 

My main reason for this is because there really isn't a good way to make freckles look natural, and when most looks include freckles, they are typically being drawn on a basic look. I feel that it doesn't mix well, and would rather leave it in 2017. 

Colored Highlighters

Colored highlighters have been a huge trend in 2018, much like highlighting in general being a huge hit in the beauty community. However, I'm all for the blinding highlight, but adding purple, blue, pink, and green highlight to the cheeks is not for me. 

Many highlighting palettes like Anastasia's Moonchild have featured unwearable shades that will only look chalky, pore-maximizing, and just unflattering. Let's leave these bizarre highlights in the past, and rather focus on the beautiful golds and silvers that blend so nicely in our skin. 

Crusty Matte Lips

Matte lips have been all the rage for years now, and there are so many opportunities to find the best shades for any makeup look for any price. However, finding the best formula seems to be a bit harder than we think. 

Matte lips turning into crusty and unattractive messes on our lips after an hour or two is one of the worst makeup trends to certainly leave behind. It is also important to do some research on the liquid lipsticks that you are purchasing, and finding the best formula for your lips will make a world of a difference for not only the look but the feel. 

And a final note, please moisturize your lips before applying a matte lip, it will transform the look. 

Nose Hair Extensions

To lighten the mood, I had to include another hilarious trend that shocked social media. I'm still not sure if I should take this trend even a little bit seriously, because it is incredibly ridiculous. 

I've heard of hair extensions, eyelash extensions, and even eyebrow extensions, but nose hair extensions? I assume this look is very similar to the wavy brows trend, and was meant to be more of a creative expression. 

Plus, it definitely did have the makeup community talking, the trend was certainly successful that way. But I can't say I'll see anyone rocking the look walking down the street anytime soon, and it should stay that way. 


Back to more of a serious trend, and one that certainly makes my skin crawl, we've got to leave over-concealing in the past. As one of the worst makeup trends to leave in 2017, the triangle of concealer you apply after your foundation should not reach the corner of your lips. 

This completely defeats the purpose of putting on foundation, and will ultimately turn the color of your face into the color of your concealer. Plus, it defeats the purpose of the concealer, which should be simply highlighting the high points of your face, as well as get rid of under eye circles. 

OD Setting Spray

We've all watched our favorite YouTube beauty gurus douse their faces with setting spray as the last step of their makeup routine. But, believe it or not, this step isn't meant to go overboard with. 

Yes, setting sprays are a great product to make your makeup last all day long, and even add a bit of extra dewiness, but the 10 sprays of product to your face is overkill. 

Plus, beauty gurus get most of their makeup in PR, so they have no problem waisting their sprays. So let's stick to two or three sprays, it'll still work just as good. 

Highlight On the Tip of the Nose and Cupid's Bow

Ok, one last highlighting trend. I know it's a pretty popular one in the beauty community, but highlighting the tip of the nose and the cupid's bow has run its course. I personally believe that it's time is up, and as one of the worst makeup trends, it should be left in the past. Why? It is too easily overdone and overused. 

With too much product in places like this, it tends to look cakey, harsh, and simply out of place. Though I can admit it can be done well, with a little extra blending, but to avoid looking like you have snot on your upper lip, I suggest we leave this in 2017. 

White Eyeliner

Though not exactly a huge trend for 2017, but unfortunately still a trend overall, white eyeliner needs to be thrown in the garbage. If you're looking to brighten up an overall dark look with a liner, there are plenty of shades of nude that will do this trick, and not leave a very stark transition like white eyeliner does. 

This also goes for white eyeshadows in the inner corner as a highlight, let's leave both of these behind, shall we?

Huge False Lashes

And to complete our list of the worst makeup trends, I'm going to end on huge false eyelashes. Though I love myself a beautiful pair of falsies, they seem to just get bigger and bigger. We don't want to cover up all of our hard work on our eyeshadow and liner, just for a pair of false lashes, do we? 

Plus, they take away from the look by being too large and drawing the attention solely toward the size of your lashes, rather than the complete look. Say goodbye to ginormous lashes!

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Worst Makeup Trends That Need to Go Away in 2018
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