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Wrinkle Worries: Part Two

Morning Routine

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Who has time, in the morning, to spend hours on skincare? As a mum, wife, and full-time employee, I don't have oodles of time to get ready in the morning. When I was trying to work out a suitable routine, I needed to allow myself a snit of alone time to complete the steps I wanted to include. Every morning, I get out of bed at least half an hour before anyone else. It's a nice, undisturbed way to prep my skin, and ease into the day. During the week, I forego makeup, and concentrate on skincare instead. I have an uncontrollable passion for makeup, but leave putting on a full face till the weekend.

Step 1 - Cleanser

Best Hydrating Cleanser without a high-end price tag!

Currently, I'm using CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. It's a gel (lotion feeling), with literally no foam. It is gentle enough to use on the eyes, and strong enough to remove makeup. My face feels clean and fresh, without the tight and dry feeling associated with some cleansers. It's not stripping, and great for sensitive skin, like mine. In the near future, I would like to try the new Squalane Cleanser being released by The Ordinary.

Step 2 - Toner

Great Toner for sensitive skin

Until recently, I always missed out this step! I found toners to be very drying. It has taken a while, and by pure luck, I discovered Superdrug Natural Radiant Glycolic Toner. My skin is left feeling revitalized, plump, smooth, and glowing. There is no stinging sensation, tightness, or dryness. I always allow five minutes for the toner to sink into the skin fully. FYI—Superdrug has a lot of promotions, especially on their own brand ranges. Currently, they are running a better than half price promotion. I've also recently seen buy one and get a second half price.

Superdrug also has a loyalty card scheme. You collect points on the money you spend in-store and online. The points can then be used towards future purchases, 100 points is £1 to spend. Throughout the year, there are several promotions, like triple points etc, keep an eye out for these, and reap the benefits. More info on member benefits can be found on their website.

Step 3 - Antioxidant Serum

Good introduction to Retinol

I love this serum! Ingredients include Vitamin E, Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid. These will boost collagen production, encourage firmness, elasticity, and radiance over time.

When I first started using this product, I had a slight tingling sensation. It was not painful, nor did it last for too long. Since then, I have not experienced the same tingling on subsequent applications. 

This light, gel-like serum leaves a hint of a hydrating residue on the skin. It is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and non-sticky, no fragrance, and seems to work well on sensitive skin.

There is a disclaimer, which recommends introducing this product to your regime gradually. This helps your skin build up a tolerance to Retinol. I would also highly recommend doing a patch test, before going all out!

I usually allow at least five minutes before applying any further products. I have found that adding a moisturizer very soon after will cause balling and piling!

Thinking about adding Argireline (aka Botox in a Jar) into this part of my routine. I use it religiously in my evening routine, and love the instant lifted feeling and appearance. I have seen an almost instant reduction in my crow's feet, and under-eye fine lines. There is also a visible reduction in forehead lines, wrinkles and the infamous 11's!

Going to have to try using this over the weekend, as I have some concerns that the slightly oily residue after applying Argireline may affect the other products I'm using.

I am kind of intrigued to see if Argireline could be factored into my priming routine, before applying makeup? Again, I have reservations about the oily residue, and if it would cause my foundation to separate?

Recently, I have been starting to research multi-function serums, which have skincare benefits along with a decent SPF. Some of the products I'm using can cause the skin to be more sensitive to sunlight, and increases the risk of sunburn. I am really not looking to add sun damage to my list of skin concerns! There is one product which is really standing out—La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 AOX Daily Antioxidant Face Serum—SPF 50. Along with the high SPF, it also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin Cg (a synthetic form of Vitamin C) and Baicalin.

Baicalin protects from free radicals, improves fine lines, dark spots, and skin texture. Online reviews of this serum have been good, but the price tag (£25+) is rather off-putting. I've searched online and cannot find any travel or deluxe samples to try out before committing to the full size!

Step 4 - Eye Cream

I'm currently alternating between three different products. Each product is selected based on the condition of my under-eyes that morning.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Eye Transforming Cream—a hydrating, slightly tinted cream, which brightens, soothes, reduced puffiness, and dark circles. Notable ingredients include Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) and Nicotinic Acid. These target uneven skin stone, fine lines, dullness, and help a weakened skin surface. Vitamin C and E also are present, along with VianiacinTM? After googling VianiacinTM, I was only presented with articles and shopping links to Olay products. It looks like it's their own patented/trademarked ingredient. I could not find out what compounds are used in this bespoke ingredient. I did find that it's present in a lot of their product range.

I mainly use this cream when my under-eyes are dull, puffy, and darker than usual. The slight tint helps to brighten, hydrate and gives the appearance of having a solid eight hour sleep!

B. Nourished Eye Cream (Superdrug own brand)—I was surprised to find an affordable, own brand product, which has high-end ingredients! These include Persian Silk Extract, to reduce crow's feet, and lift the upper eyelid. Rosemary Leaf Extract to combat free radicals, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid for long lasting moisturization, and finally, the star of the show, Retinol.

Only a tiny amount of product is required, and I have seen encouraging results, ranging from brightening, smoothing, and fine line reduction. I tried applying the cream to my eyelids, but found that due to having hooded eyes, an oily residue would collect, and become sticky! I use this cream as an all-rounder, and this is the most frequently used eye product out of the three!

Superdrug Vitamin C Eye Cream— really good product to use when your under-eyes need some energising! Have not seen any reduction of fine lines, wrinkles or crow's feet. It is very moisturising, brightening and give a more awake appearance. I think of this as a cup of coffee for my under-eyes! Please remember if any Vitamin C products are used, it is highly recommended that you use a high SPF. Vitamin C will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and increase the risk of sunburn. 

Step 5 - Sunscreen

Available in SPF 30 & SPF 50

Currently using Solait Anti-Ageing Sensitive Face Lotion SPF 30 and 50. During spring and summer, I use SPF 50 and SPF 30 in the autumn and winter. Both are designed to be used specifically on the face. They are light lotions, absorbed quickly, non-greasy, non-sticky, and have no tell-tell sunscreen scent. Unlike a majority of high SPF lotions, these do not leave a white residue! 

End of routine!

You've probably noticed that a moisturizer is not part of my routine. I find that the serum and SPF are great at keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. When it is really cold or hot outside, I carry around a Vitamin E Hydrating Mist. I can have a quick spritz, if I feel my skin needs a little extra something.

This morning routine is constantly reviewed to ensure it meets the demands of my skin. I also like to try new products, especially ones that claim to be multi-functional, and could cut down application/dry time. At present, this routine is working great for me, and it doesn't take hours to complete.

My next post will be about my evening routine.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments about your "Ride or Die" products, or if there are any products you think I should try.

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Wrinkle Worries: Part Two
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