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11 Makeup Ingredients You Should Avoid
a year ago
The makeup and skincare industry is a billion-dollar industry that most women adore. It's an industry that has become filled with creams, potions, and lotions that claim to help women look better and ...
Science-Backed Reasons Why You’ll Love Pomegranate Seed Oil
a year ago
The skincare world has become increasingly interested in superfoods and the benefits they impart on skin. That’s why companies have begun to advertise ingredients like hemp oil, carrot seed oil, and o...
10 Science-Backed Ways Natural Oil Reduces The Appearance Of Scars
a year ago
There are a million ways to make having scars sound like it’s great. We can say that they tell stories. We can say that they “add character,” or that they “help show who we really are.” At the end of ...
10 Ways to Help Dry Skin During The Summer
a year ago
Dry skin is an issue that most of us have during the winter, but quickly overcome with a little moisturizer and seasons to change. During the summer, dry skin is one of those things very few people wi...
Science-Backed Ways to Fight Acne
a year ago
Around 95 percent of the population will have acne at one point in their lives or another. For many people, acne is an issue that goes beyond those awkward teenage years and continues to be an annoyan...
Science-Backed Ways to Improve Aging Skin
a year ago
“I want to have wrinkles and skin texture that reminds people of a leather handbag,” said no one ever. Regardless of who you are, how old you are, or what background you have, youthful skin is a major...