Heeta Joshi

I am an avid reader and thinker. I have decided to finally put my thoughts out there. Just a woman trying find a niche for herself out in the world.

#Freespirit #Humanity #Objectivity #Peace #Love 

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Brands That Release Too Much Too Soon
12 days ago
Disclaimer: This is an open, honest, and polite opinion. You are free to disagree, but there is no room or justification for vulgarity. That’s a reflection on you, not me. I honestly think some brands...
De’lanci Maelstrom Palette
19 days ago
Disclaimer: I am in love with this palette! Now this is the true “a bang for your buck.” Again though, nothing is ever a hundred for me. Waiting for the day that a palette ends up being perfect for me...
BoxyCharm: Three Month Subscription Plan
22 days ago
So I subscribed to BoxyCharm on June 27, 2018. There were two reasons I subscribed for the three month plan. One, I saved a tiny bit of money comparatively to the usual 21 USD per month. Two, I felt t...
The Dynasty Palette By Certifeye
a month ago
Disclaimer: I am not a business supporter, I am a customer supporter, always. Aka, I am a ME supporter. I always want results from a purchase that satisfy me. It also does not take away the fact that ...
11 New Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 8)
a month ago
Disclaimer: Information was gathered via trendmood, indiemakeupspotlight, and Indvidual brands’ social media and web shops. If links are missing for some, then the palettes still have not been release...