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New Nudes by Huda Beauty
8 months ago
A Review
Are Beauty Anti-Hauls Negative?
9 months ago
Disclaimer: I simply use Anastasia Beverly Hills as an example here. Whatever I say is applicable to most brands. ABH simply is the best known. No need to hyperventilate. At one point in time, anti-ha...
The Best vs. the Worst Holiday Themes
9 months ago
We are going to start with the best, and then the worst themed eyeshadow palettes of this season. So if you want to avoid the "negativity" aka constructive criticism, then you are well warned. This at...
Natasha Denona: The Gold Palette
9 months ago
Disclaimer: There is a difference between a constructive critique and negative criticism. If you do not know the difference, then this not the post for you. Note: This is not my first Natasha Denona p...
Brands That Release Too Much Too Soon
10 months ago
Disclaimer: This is an open, honest, and polite opinion. You are free to disagree, but there is no room or justification for vulgarity. That’s a reflection on you, not me. I honestly think some brands...
De’lanci Maelstrom Palette
a year ago
Disclaimer: I am in love with this palette! Now this is the true “a bang for your buck.” Again though, nothing is ever a hundred for me. Waiting for the day that a palette ends up being perfect for me...