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Chemical Exfoliation Is the 2018 Skincare Keyword You Need to Know
8 months ago
If the word "exfoliate" only triggers images of vigorous scrubs and raw skin in your mind, then it is indeed time to re-educate your skincare vocabulary with this article. Around a decade ago, the ski...
Healthy Hair Starts With a Healthy Scalp
a year ago
C’mon, let’s be frank about this, who doesn’t want be forever young? The thing is, the first thing that comes to people’s mind when we talk about youthful looks is often the face, then the body — but ...
6 Skincare Habits that Work and Are Actually Sustainable
a year ago
You can’t deny this, having a good skin is the best makeup EVER. So on top of focusing to find the best skincare products that suit yourself, there are also little techniques and tips that you could d...
How to Wash Your Hair When There Is No Shower – Gross Content Alert
a year ago
Yes, this is a legit life hack needed by many modern-living individuals, girls especially, because we have longer hair and it becomes super obvious when they trap in all that grease and sweat. There a...
How I Got Out of My Horrible Acne Days for Real
a year ago
If there is one thing girls hate more than having periods, it would be having acne. These obnoxious red, shiny, oily and pus-ish little shits can really be a confidence-killer, and personally on my wo...