Lilliana Backman

Aspiring nurse who has a thing for writing corny short romance stories and hates everything that has to do with the word orange.

Top 10 Products for Getting Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
a year ago
There's nothing I hate dealing with more than facial hair. The sight of it bothers the hell out of me and I really... really hate it when it gets in the way of my makeup. Whenever I'm applying foundat...
10 Superfood Skincare Products
a year ago
We all know that eating healthy and superfoods can benefit our skin. It brings in hydration, the nutrients and vitamins that we need, and overall makes our skin look and feel amazing. So not only do m...
Boar Bristle Brushes for Healthier Hair
a year ago
There are so many hair brushes out there that have plastic, metal, or any other type of material bristles that aren't the best for your hair. If you believed that hair brushes don't take a toll on you...
Best Natural Makeup Tutorials
a year ago
Whether you're heading to work, class, or simply going out, you can never go wrong with natural makeup. Not only are you still wearing makeup, but you're just enhancing your features and true beauty. ...
Best Purple Shampoos for Ombre Hair
a year ago
Ombre hair is essentially a style of hair dye that's created to look like a fade from brown to blonde. It can also be blonde to brown, brown to blue, blonde to pink, and so on. It's a stunning fade fr...
Natural Makeup Tutorials for Dark Skin for You to Know
a year ago
There are moments in our life where we don't feel like putting on heavy makeup when getting ready to go out. Sometimes we need a break from the glittery eyelids and dark lips and do something differen...