Patricia Sarkar

Raised on a steady diet of makeup and games. Eager to share my experiences with the world and make a difference, article by article! :)

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Here’s What Happened When I Tried GLAUX CHEM® Face & Body Oil for My Eczema
8 months ago
“Uh, what’s that on your neck?” My boss had asked me this as I got ready to put on my jacket and get started with the day at work. I looked up at her and immediately felt my face burn with embarrassme...
I Used Organic Body Oil on My Hair and This Is What Happened
a year ago
There are a lot of things I have managed to tame over the years. I’ve managed to tame my wild style into something that looks visually appealing. I’ve been able to get my driving style to be a bit tam...
GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil: A Review for People with Sensitive Skin
a year ago
If there’s anything that I’m known for, it’s having sensitive skin. My skin always breaks out as soon as it hits light, and at times, even blowing my nose can cause pimples to form on my face. My skin...