Sherry Campbell

Second grade teacher by day, at home therapist for two middle school daughters by night.

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10 Special Effects Nail Polishes You'll Love
7 months ago
Red nail polish was a special effect in and of itself back in 3,000 B.C. when the Chinese created it for the first time using acacia, gelatin, beeswax, vegetable dye, egg whites, and crushed orchid an...
What Causes Oily Skin and How Can You Treat It?
9 months ago
As human beings, it is normal for the skin to cycle through phases as our bodies mature and endure different environments. Specifically, there are many factors that can lead to oily skin making it a h...
Best Travel Makeup Brush Sets to Pack in Your Suitcase
a year ago
Finding a great travel makeup brush set is something that cannot be replaced in your beauty routine. Having a quality set of all of the essential tools you need to create even the most intricate look ...
Vegan Hair Dyes That Actually Work
2 years ago
As the popularity of the vegan lifestyle grows, so do vegan products. It used to be impossible to find hair dyes that weren't tested on animals, let alone created without animal-derived ingredients. T...
Best Automatic Hair Curlers for Perfect Curls
2 years ago
Automatic hair curlers are designed to take hair styling to a new level. With many different beauty companies taking their shot at creating the next big thing in the hair curling world, there are a lo...