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Best Blow Dryers for Thick Hair to Dry Your Hair Quickly

Does your current blow dryer take forever to dry your thick hair? Trash that one and get yourself one of these ideal blow dryers for thick hair!

I know the struggle for those with thick hair, aside from the fact that we have so much hair and the thickness overall, our hair takes forever to fully dry; just one of the many annoying thick hair problems. Air dry our hair? Forget about it, it'll actually take a day! That's why we need blow dryers to get the job done. But there are blow dryers out there that can't even help us out. We assume one blow dryer will be our holy grail, but it ends up being a total flop. All we want is a blow dryer to quickly get our thick hair to dry... is that too much to ask?

Don't dwell on it any longer, because I have great news for all of us! Stop searching online for a blow dryer that won't work on you—I found the solution... a bunch of them. I know how much of a pain it is to look for a good quality blow dryer for thick hair. But, you don't have to go down that road anymore, I've discovered ideal blow dryers for thick hair! Take a look at any of these blow dryers and never go blow dryer shopping again.

Pure Power Dryer by LumaBella

This Pure Power Dryer features a powerful motor and airflow to precisely dry your hair in an instant. It prevents static, frizz, and avoids damaging your hair from heat, so you don't have to rely on hair masks. Don’t spend too much time to get your thick hair fully dry, LumaBella has you covered!

This blow dryer is so powerful that it has a 1875-watt motor that can even break apart water molecules to avoid a static and frizz reaction. Even though it sounds like a fire-breathing blow dryer, it’s really gentle on the hair to prevent heat damage. The dryer includes three heat settings, two speed settings, even a turbo and cold setting. The short nozzle makes it easy to handle and style with.

Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer by Wazor

Another among the top quality blow dryers for thick hair is Wazor's. I highly suggest you look into this one, because this blow dryer is precise for all types of thick hair. The really dainty style and hint of neon pink really makes this blow dryer stand out.

With a 1875-watt motor, it’s super fast drying and will dry your thick hair in just a few minutes! In fact, this blow dryer gives your hair the best results ever, leaving your hair super soft and luscious. With two speed settings, three heat settings, and a cool shot, you can manage the amount of heat you want against your hair. It’s also very lightweight for comfortable control. 

D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer by Remington

Remington's blow dryers are one of the most used blow dryers for thick hair... ever. This specific one is perfect to make your thick hair dry quickly. Not to mention that the purple design makes the blow dryer more appealing. It comes with two different nozzles: a narrow one for ideal styling and straightening and a round head to lift stunning curls with volume. Even if you're dealing with greasy hair, this can give it more volume!

Never let your hair frizz again with this blow dryer. After using Remington’s, you won’t go back to your old blow dryer again, because of the amazing results it’ll always give you. The tourmaline technology that’s included avoids the blow dryer from over-heating, which makes it long lasting. 

'10x' Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer by Bio Ionic

Check out this futuristic blow dryer—Bio Ionic's Ultralight Speed Dryer. Don’t be intimidated by the looks of this one, it’s powerful, but that’s what we want from blow dryers for thick hair, right? The narrow nozzle of the blow dryer actually makes the drying process much faster, because heat is quickly being transferred through the slim nozzle!

With its licensed EcoDrive motor, the dryer can dry your hair under 10 minutes! It’s long lasting and can be used for up to ten years, too. And believe it or not, the blow dryer is very lightweight, weighing less than one pound! It won’t ever be a burden upon you while styling your thick curly hair. As a plus, this specific dryer uses 75 percent less energy than any other regular blow dryer. So many benefits from one amazing hair dryer!

Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer by MHU

If you want to own a hair styler's blow dryer, take a look at this one. Since it's labeled as one of the greatest blow dryers for thick hair, MHU's dryer won't disappoint and will give you the best hair of your life. If you're someone with thick curls that can’t get heat to travel to the roots of your hair, you might want to consider buying yourself this one.

I feel you, I know how annoying it is to blow dry your thick curly hair. It takes an unnecessarily long time to get your hair dry, and your beautiful curls just end up becoming a frizzy mess! MHU won't let that happen to you any more. This blow dryer can quickly dry your hair in just half of the time you spend with a regular dryer—even getting to the core of your cuticles! It’s known to reduce static and frizz, only leaving behind smooth and silky locks.

Professional 1875W Hair Dryer by Beautural

You'll constantly get angelic hair with this gorgeous, glistening white blow dryer by Beautural. You can't tell me that this hair dryer doesn't look heavenly to you. It looks as though it descended straight from heaven and right into your cart.

Become a professional hair stylist with this ideal blow dryer to get your hair dry in no time all while leaving behind a silky, soft texture. With a powerful AC motor, you can expect fast drying, even if your hair is soaking wet. The ionic setting featured on the dryer is designed to minimize static, keep in moisture, and leaves hair feeling healthy without a frizzy mess. Perfect for all hair types, your thick hair will thank you for this one. 

'Buttercup' Blow Dryer by Drybar

The Buttercup blow dryer is huge in the hair community for its amazing results on all types of hair. Not only does this look super adorable and dainty, but it's powerful in drying your hair in an instant from its high-quality motor. My friend actually bought this and she doesn't stop raving about it... no matter how many times I tell her, "I get it." Which is why I included this among the greatest blow dryers for thick hair to buy for yourself.

The blow dryer is meant to give you long-lasting blow-outs each time. The Nanolonic technology actually helps break down water molecules far faster than any ordinary blow dryer—no matter how thick your hair is. But what people love about this hair dryer is that it leaves your hair feeling extremely soft without a strand of hair out of place. Get ideal hair with the Buttercup hair dryer. 

Ceramic Mini Hair Dryer by MHD

How many of you travel a lot and absolutely hate the blow dryers in the hotel rooms? Or simply need a good blow dryer when traveling in general? Your current traveling hair dryer may be a pain, but I've discovered one that will actually blow your mind—and hair!

MHD's mini blow dryer is everything that we wanted as a traveling hair dryer and one of the coolest blow dryers for thick hair. The size makes storing a breeze, but what really caught our attention is how powerful it is. For a small blow dryer, it certainly can dry your wet, thick hair in a couple of minutes! The lightweight and long lasting blow dryer features two speeds and a cool shot setting. The thin nozzle is designed for precise drying and perfect for styling hair. It also avoids any frizzing, fly-aways, and doesn’t cause any heat damage.

Pro Hair Dryer by Conair

Among the most popular hair styling brands, and one of the best blow dryers for thick hair, Conair will surely surprise you with this one. Packed with concentrated airflow for precise blow-outs, you’ll see your hair like never before! 

It helps fight back any frizzing and will allow your natural hair shine to have its moment every time. It's an awesome design of silver chrome and high-end diamond finish, not only will you be styling you hair in luxury, but your hair will feel richer, too.

Professional Hair Dryer by VAV

Even though it's last on the list of ideal blow dryers for thick hair, don't look down upon this stunningly designed hair dryer. Are you into nude-pink and need a dryer to quickly dry your wet hair in less than ten minutes? If yes, I highly suggest you consider looking at VAV's blow dryer. Not only does it look super cool and cute, but it's chock-full of heating power.

This blow dryer is known for flexibly when styling, and durability that makes it very long lasting. Never deal with dull, flat curls again. Your thick hair will get a total makeover with this hair dryer, and I know that you'll thank me after testing this out.

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Best Blow Dryers for Thick Hair to Dry Your Hair Quickly
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