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Best Purple Eyeshadow Palettes

Check out this article to see which purple eyeshadow palettes make the list.

Purple is one of my all-time favorite colors. I am also a huge fan of purple toned eyeshadows, which have been popular lately. This article will discuss some of the best purple eyeshadows on the market and also which items are my favorite.  

Morphe 35p $23

This is the plum palette from Morphe. There are literally three rows going down of nothing but purple shades. If you are a fan of purple eyeshadow this is the palette for you. This palette also has many brown shades that compliment the purple tones very well. There are 35 colors total in this massive palette and it sells for only $23. This is an amazing value for that many shades of eyeshadow. The colors are pigmented and work best when applying using a damp brush or your fingers. Many different looks can be created using this palette. This is a must buy for those who love purple eyeshadows. This is one of my all time favorite purple eyeshadow palettes and I was impressed by how many different shades of purple are available in it. For only $23 you can not beat this palette. I love Morphe.

I Heart Revolution Violet Chocolate Palette $15

This palette is gorgeous. The colors are blendable and pigmented. The price is low, yet the quality is high. $15 is an amazing price for so many eyeshadows. I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and am in love with so many of their products. If you love purple tones be sure to check out this palette. This is one of the best ones out there and the price is affordable. I love the cute dripping chocolate design on the package and the large mirror inside. My only complaint is it's not available in the United States, so I had to order it online from the United Kingdom website and have it shipped to me. Hopefully this palette will be available for sale at US retailers in the future. 

Huda Beauty Purple Jewel Palette $27

I am anticipating the release of this palette. The shades looked beautiful and I think this one will be worth swatching in the store to see how the shades look on my skin tone before I decide if I will be purchasing it or not. Huda Beauty prior eyeshadow palettes have great pigmentation and I hope the formula is also excellent in this one. All of the colors are purple-toned in this palette and other shades not in the collection may be needed to create a complete look. That is the only issue I see with this palette so far. I look forward to checking this out once it launches at Sephora in the near future.

Purple Eyeshadow Palette that disappointed me:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette $42

My complaint with this palette is I wish it had more purple tones. The price is also expensive and I feel like this palette is overhyped. $42 seems expensive to me since I am usually a bargain shopper. I am willing to spend more at times though if it's for a product that I absolutely love. This palette does not fall into that category. The shadows have a lot of fallout and are very powdery and though the colors are pretty there are much better quality palettes out there for less money. I also do not like how the palette is arranged. Maybe its the OCD in me talking but it literally drives me nutty and I want to rearrange the shadows so tones that are similar are closer together. This one I would pass on. The outside packaging is a soft purple velvet which I am in love with but the shadows inside I was disappointed in. For the $42 price point, this palette is not worth the money.

I hope you enjoyed this article about purple eyeshadows. Be sure to check out my other articles.

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