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Best Travel Makeup Brush Sets to Pack in Your Suitcase

Always on the go? These are the best travel makeup brush sets that have every essential tool for your beauty routine.

Finding a great travel makeup brush set is something that cannot be replaced in your beauty routine. Having a quality set of all of the essential tools you need to create even the most intricate look is something you can't beat. 

Lucky for you, there are plenty of choices, ranging from all different prices and variations. This is a list of the top ten best travel makeup brush sets you can buy right now that all come with a handy bag or holder. 

Your Face & Eye Essentials Mini 5 Pc Travel Brush Set by It Brushes for Ulta

To start our list of the best travel makeup brush sets, we had to begin with one of the best sellers on Ulta. It Cosmetics has paired up with Ulta to create not one, but five different travel essential kits for your travel needs. 

This set happens to be the most fan-pleasing, and comes with five tools. For approximately $30, you will receive a complexion brush, shadow brush, crease brush, smudger, and liner/brow brush. What else could you ask for? 

Your Must Have Airbrush Travel Set by It Brushes for Ulta

Another one of It Cosmetics' collaborations, and well worth a mention for one of the best travel makeup brush sets, is the Your Must Have Airbrush Travel Set for those makeup users who only need the bare minimum to complete a look. 

This set comes with a powder brush, foundation brush, and a shadow brush. However, each of these brushes can be used for virtually any necessity in your makeup routine. From highlighting to contouring makeup brushes, these tools are perfectly shaped to be as versatile as can be. 

On-The-Go Style Kit by EcoTools

As one of the most affordable travel makeup brush sets on the market, EcoTools does not lack quality. With four different tools (one for blending, one for blush, one for liner, and one for the crease), you won't need to bring any other tools on your trip. 

This set has every essential brush you'll need. With soft, delicate hairs and easy-to-use shapes, you won't leave the house without these. 

Travel Makeup Brush Kit – Mr. Bunny by Sigma Beauty

Another brand that is high-end but produces some of the most quality products in the makeup world is Sigma Beauty. In this kit, you'll get 13 different full-sized brushes for a flawless, on-the-go look. 

Each tool is made with Sigmax HD fibers, which will guarantee perfection with each application. Plus, the container will turn into two brush holders for easy travel. 

Studio Pro Brush Set by BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is one of the best affordable brands for brushes that won't disappoint you. The Studio Pro Piece Brush Set is one of the best travel makeup brush sets, not only for its durable and versatile travel tool belt, but the sheer amount of brushes you can get for under $35. 

This set comes with 13 brushes! And you will never want to pick up another travel set again with the choices this kit provides. 

Travel Essentials by Real Techniques

Real Techniques will always remain a groundbreaker for producing some of the best inexpensive makeup tools on the market. This travel essentials kit is perfect for throwing in your bag for the weekend. Though only three brushes are included, they are all you need to complete any simple makeup look. 

The foundation brush will provide a flawless coverage with any liquid foundation and concealers, while the multi-task brush will be your saving grace. This brush will apply powder, blush, and bronzer with ease and precision. Plus, the domed shadow brush is perfect for defining the eyes and completing any simple shadow look.

Set 502 9 Vegan Brushes by Morphe

Morphe, which is newly being sold at Ulta, has one of the best travel makeup brush sets that is also affordable. For approximately $40, you will receive nine vegan brushes for each of your makeup essentials. 

These brushes are super soft and easy to use. This includes a flat foundation brush, angled liner brush, round crease brush, angled blush brush, tapered powder brush, flat bronzer brush, chisel fluff brush, oval flat brush, and soft fan brush. 

Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection by e.l.f Cosmetics

Another powerhouse in the drug store is e.l.f, and they have come out with an 11 piece brush collection that will be perfect for any on-the-go makeup enthusiast. 

For approximately $30, you will receive a crease brush, small precision brush, eyeshadow brush, fan brush, powder brush, blending brush, small angled brush, flawless concealer brush, complexion brush, blush brush, and eyebrow duo brush. Plus, they come in a new silver color, compared to their typical black. 

Miracle Complexion Sponge + Travel Sponge Case by Real Techniques

Though this product is not specifically one of the best travel makeup brush sets, this makeup tool is still worth mentioning; plus it comes with a travel case. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is a tool that can be used for a plethora of different steps in your makeup routine, and will cut down on a lot of space in your travel makeup bag. 

As a great and inexpensive Beauty Blender dupe, this sponge by Real Techniques can apply foundation, concealer, powder, and even highlight and contour. As a tool that is small and easily transported, this new case has made it that much easier to complete your makeup looks with minimal baggage. 

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Best Travel Makeup Brush Sets to Pack in Your Suitcase
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