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BuyInCoins Review

BuyInCoins is a website that sells inexpensive makeup items.

I am a bargain shopper. I am always looking for the lowest price I can get on items I am planning to purchase. When I discovered BuyInCoins I was amazed at how inexpensive their items were. I decided to try out some of the items in their beauty category, as this is the category I shop the most in. This article is my honest opinion on this website and the items that I purchased from them. All items were purchased with my own money and this article is not a paid sponsorship. All opinions are that of my own and based on personal experience. 

First off let me mention that many of the items from BuyInCoins are fakes made in China. With that said the items will have the name brand and ingredients printed on them but that is not what is inside of the container. Many of the fakes do look like the real products. The website does a good job of making copies but once you receive the items you will know that they are not authentic. Many of their fakes smell like chemicals, are the wrong color, or have misspelled words on the packaging of them. While browsing the website from a photo online they look real, but in person, it's easy to see they are fakes. It's also scary not knowing what ingredients are inside the product. There could be anything in there and it could be chemicals that will do damage to your skin. 

One of the fake items I got was supposed to be a lipstick made by NYX. I already own several of these lipsticks and knew something was off based on how the weight of the packaging was much lighter and the font on the lipstick was not the same. I did end up using this one and it became a dry crumbly mess after a couple hours. It was also hard to get off my lips and I had to really scrub my lips to get the lipstick off. The real formula made by NYX does not crumble at all and comes off easily with makeup remover and leaves no staining behind. Needless to say that product went into the trash. 

Lime Crime, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and NYX are some of the fakes I have noticed on the BuyInCoins website. Don't let this website fool you with their pictures that make the items look like they are authentic. 

I ordered multiple Lime Crime lipsticks and noticed that the packaging was blue instead of red when I received them. The lipstick is also supposed to smell like jellybeans but instead, it smelled like melted plastic. These are without a doubt fakes. They were only $2 each so essentially you get what you pay for. $2 seemed very cheap for a lipstick that is usually $18. 

I also ordered inexpensive makeup brushes to try. I will say that the makeup brushes were lightweight and made out of plastic instead of metal. The brushes were synthetic fibers and soft to the touch. They worked well to apply makeup with and were easy to clean. I would recommend their makeup brushes. They didn't claim to be any certain brand and were made by a generic manufacturer but they worked well and are not the worse brushes I have ever used. They may not last as long over time but if you are looking for a bargain check out the brushes that BuyInCoins has to offer. I would not recommend and of the other items that they have to offer. 

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BuyInCoins Review
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