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De’lanci Maelstrom Palette

A Review

Disclaimer: I am in love with this palette! Now this is the true “a bang for your buck.” Again though, nothing is ever a hundred for me. Waiting for the day that a palette ends up being perfect for me. But then again nothing is ever perfect. But here’s a positive experience after the last two slumps. 


On regular, the palette costs 23.99 USD. But with a discount code at 30% on their Instagram, I paid 15 USD (including shipping) for it. However, it still is completely worth it even at their regular price tag.



Now for some reason my payment went as an e-cheque because pay pal was acting weird for me that day. It took a week for the brand to receive the money. And then I waited two days to receive a shipping confirmation. When I did not, I contacted the brand on Facebook, and after a conversation that went on for two days (which was very courteous and polite), my palette was shipped and on my doorstep sooner than I expected. Especially when it is coming from China.

Side Note: It is cruelty-free, even if it is made in PRC. For those who care about such things. 



The pigment is so good on this one that my wig is shook (not that I wear one, but you get the point). It is comparable to Juvia’s Place, the Indie Pigment Queen. Personally, I think this brand or at least this palette is a winner against JP, but to each their own. It is POC friendly.



Smooth as butter. A little fall out, but with that pigment it’s unrealistic to expect not to have a bit.



Going strong 11 hours later. But granted it is bloody cold now. But I did sleep in it, and it still looks pretty. But for 15 USD it’s not only way better than I expected. But it puts the big ones to shame.


Color Story

Could have done without a glitter. Would have appreciated a pinkish matte.

Top Left To Right

Era: A soft champagne that looks almost silver but then shifts into gold.

Galaxia: A grey tone shimmer with greenish flecks in it (my favourite)

Lost: A true gold shimmer. Can always appreciate a gold in a palette.

Rice Paper: An orange tone deep camel/tan matte

Spakles: Red glitter. Glittle glue is a must.

Dark Horse: A black matte with subtle glitter.

Wasteland: A tan crease or transition tan matte. Again would have liked a pinkish/purplish base/crease matte.

Mermaid: Looks pink, but applies like a soft purple shimmer

Diva: A lilac shimmer.

Mystery: A regular purple-pinkish shimmer.

Tempter: A regular purple shimmer.

Stroke: A deep plum matte that looks black in the pan. My second favourite.



The palette title is lost in the busy background. A gold text font perhaps would have been better. Otherwise, it’s pretty cute without being Claire-esque.



A cardboard palette that does not get dirty? Me loves!



None that I know of.


Will I buy from this brand again?

Most definitely a yes. And that’s saying a lot for someone who does not buy from the same brand twice anymore.


Side Notes:

  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Size: Almost 1.5 times bigger than NYX’s perfect filter palette which has a similar price point.


A most definite recommendation. I am simply waiting for them to come out with more palettes before I make another purchase. But a brand most definitely on my radar.

Thank you for reading!

Au Revoir Mes Aimes.

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De’lanci Maelstrom Palette
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