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Favorite Lipstick Brands

What are some of your favorite lipstick brands?

I recently took a poll on Facebook and asked what everyone's favorite brand of lipstick was. There are many brands on the market and it can be hard to know which one to choose. As a lipstick lover myself, I found the poll helpful and it gives me an idea of what brands I should put on my "to try" list. I am always looking for a new favorite to discover.

MAC was rated high on my list of favorites. I, myself, am a huge MAC fan. They make many different formulas of lipstick in a variety of finishes and colors. Their lipsticks come in classy looking black packaging and are one of the brands I always go back to. They make some of the best red lipsticks I have ever tried. They have 44 shades in their matte collection and 45 in their cream lipstick formula. Some of my favorites are Ruby Woo (very matte vivid blue-red—retro matte), Sin (deep dark blue red—matte), Studded Kiss (dark oxblood red—matte) and Russian Red (intense bluish-red—matte). These lipsticks sell for $18.50 each.

Buxom was mentioned a few times in my poll as another favorite lipstick. I own one of their matte lipsticks and absolutely love it. It applies like a dream and has a wonderful vanilla scent. This brand is known for good quality products in larger packaging. Buxom has 16 colors available in their matte collection and 15 colors in their satin lipstick collection. Both of these formulas come in black packaging that has a magnetic cap. Some of my favorite shades are Voodoo Spice (matte deep blue red), White Russian (pale pink nude), and Forbidden Berry (deep pink). These lipsticks sell for $22 each.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is popular for its unique shades of liquid lipstick formula that dries down to a matte finish. With shades such as dark purple, bright pink and navy blue this is a great line to check out if you are looking for something different for your lipstick collection. These lipsticks come in pretty pink packaging with stars on it. This is a cruelty-free brand which is another plus and the lipsticks have a light creamsicle scent. Some of my favorites are Androgyny (sultry, plum mauve), Unicorn Blood (dark rusty red), and No Tea No Shade (purple/brown metallic hybrid). These lipsticks sell for $18 each.

Kat Von D is another cruelty-free cosmetics company that makes lipstick. This lipstick formula is not sticky and stays on all day. I love the goth-inspired packaging and large color range available from this brand. Everlasting Lipstick which is a liquid lipstick comes in 54 colors, and Studded Kiss Lipstick which is a standard twist-up comes in 41 colors. These lipsticks smell like creme brulee. Everlasting Lipstick sells for $20 and Studded Kiss Lipstick sells for $19. Some of my favorites are Sinner (midnight plum), Bauhau5 (deep raspberry), and Motorhead (black cherry).

Revlon is a great drugstore brand adored by many. This brand is easy to find in most grocery stores and pharmacies and comes in classic colors that look great on most skin tones. This lipstick sells for $8.49 for the classic Super Lustrous Lipstick formula and comes in 50 colors. Some of my favorites are Cherries In The Snow (classic red), Rum Raisin (brown red), and Black Cherry (dark red).

Conclusion, there are many great lipstick brands out there. It's difficult to choose just one favorite. I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to check out my other articles.

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Favorite Lipstick Brands
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