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ULTA Beauty Fall Haul

Do you want to know what items are in my beauty bag this fall? Check out this article.

I was lucky enough to purchase some items while ULTA beauty was having a 10x the points offer online a few days ago. This means that I will receive 10x the points for the items that I purchased since they were part of their selected items for the offer. What an awesome deal and those rewards points add up fast and can be used to save money on future purchases.

The items that I purchased are as follows:

Morphe 8C Cool Blush Palette $20

This blush palette has eight different blush colors and is made for cool skin tones. The finishes of the blushes vary and satin, matte, and shimmer shades are included in this palette.

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette $15

This eyeshadow palette has ten different colors in it which vary between purple, red, and berry tones. I am in love with the colors in this palette and these are the colors I am most drawn to.

Morphe Blushing Babes Trio Pop of Pink $12

This blush palette has three different colors of blush. There are two mattes and one shimmer in this palette. There is also a mirror inside this set, which I like.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Conceal and Contour $7

I have read great reviews about this concealer and wanted to try it out. In general, I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and own many of their products. This product is similar to Tarte Shapetape only the Makeup Revolution version of it and for a lower price.

ULTA Beauty Brightening Face Primer $18

I have used other ULTA Beauty brand primers in the past and loved them so I am excited to try this one. I am a fan of many brightening products as they give skin a healthy-looking dewy glow without being greasy looking. This primer is a gel consistency and has vitamins A, C, and E which are good for moisturizing and smoothing the skin. I think this will be a great face primer for fall.

ULTA Beauty One in a Melon Lip Treatment Kit $12.50

I love the smell of watermelon. It has a sweet yummy aroma to it and these products smell exactly like fresh watermelon. I was excited to see this set for only $12.50 for three products. The set includes lip scrub, lip gloss, and lip jelly balm all of which are watermelon scented. I think this will be a great set to use for fall since the scrub will help to exfoliate dead skin and the lip gloss and jelly balm are both moisturizing. The jelly lip balm can also be used as an overnight treatment to keep lips moisturized and soft.

I also received a free 13 piece set with ULTA Beauty products ($88 value) because I spent $19.50 or more on ULTA Beauty brand items. I love getting free stuff. These items also come in smaller sizes which will make them perfect for travel. It also came with a free makeup bag which is always useful to organize items. I am a fan of many ULTA brand products and am looking forward to trying these items out. The set is also fall themed color-wise which I thought was neat.

The 13 items included were as follows:

  1. Makeup Setting Spray
  2. Makeup Wipes
  3. Six Pan Mini Eyeshadow Set
  4. Mini Bronzer/Highlighter set
  5. Full Sized Lipstick
  6. Mini Metallic Lipstick
  7. Blush Brush
  8. Eyeshadow Brush
  9. Eye Primer
  10. Mascara
  11. Eyeliner
  12. Eyebrow Tint
  13. Makeup Bag

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